Trust the Gut

“I had a gut feeling…”  Many of us have probably lost count of how many times we have made that statement.   There are those people who think that the statement is merely a figure of speech.  There are those of us who KNOW that the “gut” feeling is a perfect physical response to our innate ability to sense and interpret our energetic environment. 

 On an energetic level, the area between our diaphragm and our belly button is the home of the solar plexus chakra.  This etheric vortex interprets the inflow of energy that is perceived and initiates a physical response.

 The physical response is the energetic communication with the physical autonomic nervous system that is found along the spinal column from the thoracic (chest) to the lumbar (lower abdomen) region.  Within this response, is the nerve stimulation and hormonal chain of events that produces the physical translation that we can choose to heed or to ignore.

 This gut translation can be felt in a myriad of perceptions.  From butterflies to rumbles, from intense gnawing to vague tingling, the physical sensation is the activation of our inner antenna.  This inner antenna is the heads up that tells us to protect; to pay  attention; to tune in to our psychic sense of information received (the information of what we know and what we feel)


Empathic Protection is in our Hands

Many of us have been taught that anything of value must be complicated, difficult to acheive or always just beyond our hand’s grasp.  BUT, in reality, these ideas of complication, difficulty and inaccessability are just self (or society) imposed belief blocks.  (change the belief and remove the block:D And before you mumble “if only it were that easy,” note that there is often a tumbling of belief blocks that begins with the removal of one block)  With regard to energetic protection for the empath; one technique is definitely “in our own hands.”

We tend to project energy through our dominant hand.  We tend to receive energy through or recessive (or receptive) hand.   So, letting simplicity reign, protect your receptive hand.  Here are some protective ideas;

1) Close your  receiving hand, visualizing a protective  energy surrounding your hand (or visualizing an Angel holding your hand.)

2) utilize jewelry and gemstones to protect this energy.  Popular gemstones for protection include; quartz, onyx,  copper, etc.

3) Lead with your dominant hand when you physically connect with others

4) Connect with your Higher Self and / or God Source energy, visualize this energy flowing through you and through your hands.  Intend this outward flow of energy (as opposed to an inward draw of energy)   You can also use this technique when you feel that you have already absorbed other person’s “stuff” to clear the stuff away from you.

5) When you have cleared any energy from your hands, either physically or energetically cool them with a compress. The coolness allows the energy (both physical – ie pores- and subtle energy) to contract to a more protective state. 

The hands are energetically connected with the heart.  Trust the heart feel of what your hands feel.  Allow yourself the process of perceiving the energy of connection without having to receieve the energy of connection.


The Empathic Aura and the Auric Kegal

In my “other” professional life, I graduated from college in 1981 and spent the next 26 years as an RN.  The speciality of most of these years was maternal / child health.  (OB/Gyn)  Most women have heard of the term “kegal.”  This exercise is one that acts to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.  This exercise helps keep the pelvic organs in place and helps keep the integrity of the pelvic floor healthy and protective. (in other words, it keeps what is ‘in” in and what is “out” out) The idea of employing an exercise to tighten and strengthen can cross the bridge from the physical world to the energetic world.

We are surrounded by a wonderful field of energy that is referred to as the aura.  This field acts as both an attractant and as a protectant.  For most people, this field is egg shaped and extends the approximate length of our arms. (about 3 feet) 

Now we move from Most people to Empathic people.  Since we are so energetically connected to others and since our energy is often barraged with the emotions and conditions of others, we may notice our auric energy is expanded well beyond the comfort of our arms length.  This expanded aura may leave us with a sense of being “very out – there” and “very vulnerable.”   We may not feel that we have a boundary that keeps what is ours “in” and what is theirs “out.”

This is a wonderful time to employ the auric kegal. (Like a physical kegal, an auric kegal can be done to maintain strength and integrity on a routine basis)   Here is one method of auric kegaling;  Call in your Angels, Higher Self or God source energy (as you desire) Sense your aura’s boundaries and integrity.  Focus on a flow of Source energy allowing your aura to cleanse, recharge and reconnect to you.  As you are focused on this energy and take a deep breath in.  As you exhale,  intend your aura  to kegal – or to firm up (tighten) and strengthen . Sense it to be within the hugs of your arms length.  ( Many women will actually physically kegal when they do this.) 

Affirm that you are protected.  That your aura allows you to keep what is yours “as yours” and what is others “as theirs.” 


Empathic Awareness and Predictive Value

 Recently I had a potential client (now an actual client) approach me with questions about the predictive value of empathic intuition. (this person had been told that empathic and mediumistic information was only therapeutic and had no predictive value …. Grrrrr …) After I patted my ego on its head and it placed back where it belonged, I realized that her question was a valid one. So I offered her my opinion as I feel the psychic / empathic  perception works for me.

 I do believe that the perception is as varied as those who perceive it … so I repeat, this is my opinion only:D  First off, I do not believe in a pre – ordained, carved in stone,  outcome. I also believe that, even in cases where we “need” to experience an event for our earth experience “contract”; the event’s impact is changeable. So, with that mind set, I believe that, regardless of the method that we use, (divination oracles, medium input, clairvoyance, sentience, etc) we tune in to the current projected flow of energy and the subsequent possible outcomes that are derived from that current flow.

There are times that even when the projected flow of energy is aligned (with) toward a desired outcome, the predicted or desired outcome  is not achieved. Now this desired outcome may have been missed due to a shift in projected energy. But the miss may also be due to a misalignment deeper than the projected energy flow.  Perhaps the energy that harbors the vibrational misalignment is in the source of the energy flow. The EMOTIONAL FUEL that ignites and vibrationally aligns the energetic fire.

This detection of the emotional fuel is where the empathic awareness reigns supreme. We may hear and see the appropriate intent and actions. But we can also ‘feel” what is subtly simmering. And we all know that, while the intent and actions are the vehicles that create our desired outcome; the vehicle’s performance is based on the quality of fuel.

The awareness of the emotional source is a bottom line predictor as this emotional fuel sets the trajectory for any subsequent long term energy vibration. So in addition to the predictive value that empathic awareness has; it also offers information that the client can use.  The client has the option of  working with and through the emotional fuel. This change in vibrational fuel will then align the energy of intent and action.  This core vibrational alignment will allow the client to know and to fulfill their true desires. 


Boosting the Energetic Protection / Deflection

My job as a psychic medium gifts me the opportunity to meet some very incredible people.  One of the things that I am seeing more and more are people who are wanting to energetically connect and share with others.  Fortunately most people have very positive and warm intent behind their deisre to connect.

(please note that, in addition to an empath’s sensitivity to the energy that surround us, some of us are very sensitive to the energy that is gifted to us by others. You can kind of liken this energetic sensitivity to the physical sensitivity that some physically sensitive (allergic)  people experience when exposed to  certain elements of their physical environment.   So while the desire to energetically connect may be positive at its intent; its effect on the empath may be similar to waving ragweed under the nose of the physically sensitive person.  (One of the glories of the Higher Self to Higher Self connection is that there is no untoward sensitivity reaction.)

We are lucky that there are not many people who use the energetic connection as a mode of “ego – flation”  (“look at me” energy) and / or manipulation, (I know what’s best for you …”) but those people are there.  And those people do tend to land on the Empath.

Perhaps its our innate healer energy that tends to collect those who could use a good healing (and not all people who could use a healing want a healing … there are those who just want to connect to the healer energy of the empath) or our sensitivity to energy; we do seem to be magnets for those who want to energetically intrude upon us for their gain.

While a healthy protection of energy reflects the work of a healthy inner core of energy, there are times when others fly through our energetic radar (no matter how energetically vigilant we are) and we find that we need a fast boost of protection and / or deflection.  By no means are these the only methods of energetic protection and deflection, they may offer a few quick fixes when they are needed.  

Here are 5 Helpful Energetic Boosts

1)      Consciously connect with your Higher Self or Creator Source energy. This is your constant source of regenerating, revitalizing and protector energy.  Feel this energy flow through your crown chakra. With each breath, feel the energy flow through your chakras to your root – and on down your legs to the sole chakras of the feet.  Feel your earth connection and allow this flow to move deep into the soil to the core of earth – allowing for a grounded and grounding flow of Source energy.   Allow this flow of energy to outwardly radiate like heat shimmer to to aura.   (You can even project this energy to manifest as outwardly facing mirrors, windows, or gossamer or any form of energy filter that you desire.)    Affirm that energy flows through you from your Source.  You are constantly regenerating, revitalizing and refueling.

2) When you note an intruding energy; isolate (focus on it) either visually or manually. (by placing your hands over it.  Most empaths receive energy in their 2nd chakra)  When you have this energy isolated, take a deep breath and as you exhale, place the energy beyond the aura and gift it back to the universe. 

With the exhale you can also channel the energy through chakras  (down the legs and through the sole chakras) to the earth and release the energy to the earth. 

In either case – affirm that the energy is not yours and visualize (sense) the universe’s re-intending of the energy into the energy of a postive flow

3) Surround your aura with your Angels, Higher Self and / or Guides.  (One of my Guides is my Sentry)  Allow these Energetic Entities to protect you.  When you ID an energy that was received, gift it to these Entities and allow them to re-intend and remove the energy.

4) When you identify an intruding energy, Focus your Creator Source energy to it, Sense the forming of an outwardly facing mirror and allow this mirror to reflect and re-intend the intruding energy away from you.

5)  The most important boost to protection speaks to the inherent gfit of the empath.  This is the gift of our perception of emotions.  OUR emotions are our messengers.  They are the energetic indicators that give us the “heads up” regarding our surroundings and situations.  Our perceptions of other’s emotions can que us in to the agenda of their intent.  So the last but not least quick fix is the fix that can even pre-empt its own need; this fix is to Honor Your Emotional Response.


Empathic Brilliance

I definitley conceed the knowledge that being an empath can be difficult.  We can hear a person’s words, we see their actions –  but we emotionally sense something very different from what we hear or see. We learn very quickly that the intellectual translations of what we hear and see are often misleading.  We also learn that what we “feel” is usually right on target.  (oh, by the way … only 10 percent of our communication is verbal.  Our actions – facial inflections, tone, etc –  and intent – ahem- emotional fuel- comprises the remaining 90 percent of communication)  We often sense information that is conflicting, confusing and sometimes downright cruel.  Yep, sometimes, being an empath can be a bit difficult.  BUT it is not, by a long shot, a “poor me” energy existance. There is absolute gold in the messages of em the emotions that we sense.

We live in a  society that places more credence on intellectual analysis and treats emotional analysis as if it were poo in the punchbowl.  As empaths, we know (or should I say ” we feel”) the brilliance of our emotions. We understand the importance of intellect, but we also know about the importance of the emotional fueling source that is in every situation. We know that within this fueling source lies the information that guides us successfully through any situation. We know that beyond the confusion and conflicting mixed messages that we receive,  is the guidance that can only be found in the wisdom of our hearts.

When we tune in to our emotional guidance, we can;

know which emotional wave is ours and which wave belongs to another person

can be effective mediators and mentors while allowing another person their sense of free will and free learning curve

can be effective mediators and mentors while maintaining our objectivity and energy independence

not fall into the trap of “needing to be needed”

can be proud that our empathic skill is what we do, but it isn’t the entirety of  who we are. We have many, many, many facets to our diamond. (empath is one facet)

Feel safe in our emotions and in our bodies

Feel nourished in our emotions and in our bodies

Manifest our emotional desires at the speed of “holy cow!”

 And last but NOT least … As we listen to the wisdom of our hearts; as we focus on what feels good and what feels right, we know our true compass. We know that we will always be on our souls path and destiny because our clear emotions will not let us stray.

See you on Monday!


02 Who is a member of the Empath Club

      The in a nutshell definition of an Empath is a person who; “works with and through the emotions; who feels and interprets the language of the heart;  has the ability to connect with others on the emotional level.”  

This energy can be energy that moves toward others as you connect with them (either intentionally or just by being in the general proximity) This energy can be also energy to moves toward you as in the case of those who receive the emotions of others just by being in the proximity. 

Future posts will get more to who is who in the energy movement and how to manage that.  But first things first.  Here is a lovely little laundry list of common traits or experiences of the Empath:

You might be an Empath if;

           You tend to be the Caregiver (primarily concerned about and for others) even  at the expense of your own health and needs.          

           You sense the emotions, agenda or intent behind words and actions

            You get “gut” feelings – particularly between your belly button and rib cage. (Often, empaths unconsciously cross their arms in front of their solar  Plexus as this is an involuntary protective response of the nerve bundle that begin our fight or flight response)

             Unless you attach an emotional significance with time, you are relatively  nonchalant about time schedules and deadlines.

            People tend to unload their feelings and “life stories” on you at anytime and anywhere

            People may back away from you after unloading on you as they may feel  the uncomfortable vulnerability of “I’ve revealed too much.”

            People who need to be healed are drawn to you.   They may tell you that, no matter what you say or do, they feel better after being around you..”   (However, you may not feel good after being around them) Please also note that even if a person needs to be healed doensn’t mean that they are at that place of accepting to be healed.

            You act as “sounding boards” while people release their emotions

            You are drawn to and draw intense emotional drama  (emotional junkie)  Note about this that while many Empaths have a “drama queen or drama queen by proxy” history; not all drama queens are empaths.  You know when it is stated (regarding Freud’s phallic project / envy concepts) “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?”  Well sometimes a “drama queen is just a drama queen.” 

            Your high emotional base can “trans –sense” to other senses.  An example is that you “feel the music, color, etc.”

            You feel the emotions of others.  Their emotion becomes your emotion.  You tend to put others at ease as this puts you at ease.

            You tend to live in your head as living in your body becomes confusing with the  onslaught on other’s emotions.  (While empaths are wonderful with allowing others to emotionally balance, we often have no idea about the condition of our emotional state)

            You notice that others project their issues or problems in to you, in essence acting          as mirrors to them.  (Or, due to our lack of emotional self awareness, we find ourselves surrounded by those who do possess traits that we are not seeing in ourselves.)

            You tend to state, “I feel …”

            You experience unexpected waves of emotion without a noted cause.

     You may have laid claim to just a few of those or several of those.  Empathic energy is not “all or none.”  It isn’t static.  It doesn’t label easily.  It is an individual as our very thumbprint.  So regardless of how many “yeps” you had in the list, trust your heart.  The emotion of the heart is always the truest compass to our destiny.  (which is one huge advantage of being an empath … we are heart connected:D)

See you tomorrow!



01 Empath Here’s the Scoop

I am an empath.  I have been working with this wonderful (well, it hasn’t always been wonderful … truth be told) form of intutive perception for more years than I care to admit.   While I don’t profess that I know “everything” about being an empath, I do know that, personally,  I have taken an energy that was, at one time, uncomfortable, isolating, overwhelming and potentially distructive and turned it into an energy that allows me to be “in tune,” and empowered while I safely connect with others to show them the beauty and the power within their own lives. 

I facilitate several psychically oriented workshops in the Kansas City area.  Of all of these workshops, the Empath workshop generates the most interest and the most sign ups.  BUT, when it comes to the day of class, this workshop has the poorist turnout. 

I’m sure that the reasons for this are numerous, but the 2 primary reasons that I detect are typical to the Empath.

First, most empaths find crowds overwhelming.  Since we tend to be emotional sponges for people, we tend to dislike being in public.  (Even if attending a workshop will help us manage this energy so we don’t have to be an emotional dumping ground, we often give in to the warmth of our cocooning blankets and stay home.)

The second dominant reason why empaths don’t attend the workshop is that they get snagged in to the “need to be needed” energy and feel that “draining themselves to serve others is just their lot in life.”  (even when they discover that they are draining their energy while enabling others to continue with their poor behavior.  There was a reason why Jesus taught them man to fish instead of giving him a fish)

No matter the reason, I do feel that imformation regarding the empathic energy needs to be shared. (note that what I will be writing is ALL of the information to be had)  So this blog is filling 2 needs;  First it is getting some information an coping strategies to those who want it.  and Second (since nothing is purely altruistic) it is getting me “back to the page” with writing.

For the next month(ish) I will add daily information from Monday through Friday that deals with being an empath and learning to turn this marvelous energy into something that fills our plate so we can continue to help others fill their plates. 

(oh, the legal stuff… this information is MY cpr for your personal use.  I have had my information stolen to be used by people in their workshops and once in someone’s published writing.  Please note that I do have an in house attorney.  Besides the legal angle, I do have 2 views when it comes to information theft.

1) the enlightened view.  I understand that it is the message that is important; not the messenger.  As long as information gets to those who need it, it matters not how if arrived.

2) the unenlightened view.  Karma is a Bite.  I am a firm believer in what goes around; comes around … and often times with very sharp teeth:D

Stay tuned for the first of the Amazing Empath

KGF 2011