Primitive Hexie Table Rug (Crochet and Embroidery Hexagon Table Rug)

purplehexiesmI am a multi crafter.  There are so many crafts that play wonderfully together in a single project.  This is one of those multi craft project.  This 12 inch diameter wool felt table rug incorporates embroidery and crochet to create this beautiful, textural design.

To create this design you will want to gather;

Wool Felt – this project was created from a wool / rayon blend.  I do prefer to use either a predominantly wool or wool / rayon blend. I’m not a huge fan of acrylic for this project, but it can be used. 

Worsted Weight (4) yarn in 2 colors.  I used Paton’s Classic wool in a single color and in a self striping color.

Size “G” (4.25) crochet hook

Large eye (tapestry or crewel), sharp point needle for sewing hexies to felt and to embroider blanket stitch edging.

Crewel wool (tapestry wool) for blanket stitch.  Some people may want to use their worsted yarn to blanket stitch the edging of the mat.  Be sure and text your yarn before you make your decision.  Some worsted yarns will abrade quickly and pull apart if you attempt to use as decorative stitching.

Tracing pen or pencil


Spray adhesive

Shaping / blocking materials as desired.

Plate or tray, ect to make a circular rug base.


Trace round object (I used a large plate) to felt and cut out.  (I only cut one base out.  Sewing may alter the size a bit. After I finish sewing the hexies in place, I use the finished rug top to serve as a template to cut the 2nd rug base)

Crochet Hexies (I used a pattern that I learned back in the 1970’s. It is a traditional hexed granny pattern that has been around “FOR – EVER.” 

Hexie Pattern (make 1 central and 6 surrounding)

Ch 4 (or you can do a magic circle) Join to form a ring,

Rnd 1, Ch 3 (counts as a dc now and through out) Work 11 more dc in to the ring. Join to top of beg ch 3 with a

Slip stitch (12)

Rnd 2,  Ch 3, Work 1 dc in the same stitch,  ch 1,  *Work 2 dc in the next stitch, ch 1*  Repeat from * to * around.

Join to top of beginning ch 3 with a slip stitch.  (24 dc and 12 ch 1 spaces)

Rnd 3,  Slip Stitch over to first ch 1 space, Work a Ch 3, dc, ch 3 and 2 dc in that same ch 1 space, Work 2 dc in the next

Ch 1 space.  *Work 2dc, ch 3, 2 dc in the next ch 1 space. Work 2 dc in the next ch 1 space* repeat from * to *

around.  Join to top of beginning ch 3 with a slip stitch.

Rnd 4, Ch 1, Work a sc in the same stitch as joining.  (Work 1 single crochet in each single crochet and Work 3 sc in each

Ch 3 space around) Join to beginning sc with a slip stitch.  Cut and secure yarn.

Shape and block as desired. 

Fold rug base in quarters to find center. Mark center.  Position central hexie in place. (use spray adhesive if desired to hold hexies in place while sewing) Whip stitch in place.  Position each remaining hexies around central hexie.  Whip stitch in place.

Place finished rug base top to felt designated for rug base bottom. (use spray adhesive if desired) Cut to size.

With tapestry wool, blanket stitch around. 

If you feel that you need to press the rug, place it face down on a padded surface, cover with a pressing cloth.

The washability will depend on the fiber content of both the felt and the yarn.

Karen Glasgow Follett 2015