Tree of Life Renewal Meditation Re – alignment with Source

Tree of Life Renewal Meditation

Vibrational Alignment

The writing of this piece is occurring at the ending of a calendar year.  As we approach this farewell, many people are talking about “releasing” the old, “releasing what hasn’t worked for them, and, in general, “releasing” the energy that has kept them from realizing their dreams and desires in this calendar year.

In addition to the affirmations of release, we can look at and begin to emote the affirmations of grateful recognition. Each experience, regardless of the judgment that we place on that experience, gifts us an element of nourishment that we can choose to bring forward.  Be it a piece of wisdom that we learned, or a depth of strength that we didn’t know we possessed; we recognize that we are the totality of our experiences.  Each experience adds to our growth.  By allowing our emotions to work through the experience, from the point of our base reaction to the point where there is an element of  gratitude, we allow ourselves a renewing alignment that transmutes the releasing noxious energy to the higher vibrational energy of nourishment.

We’ve expended a lot of energy over the last cycle (calendar year) and we are entitled to renourish.  We can take a step back.  We can breathe.  We can find that still point that is the beginning of all movement.  We can find our calm center which is our source of our Creator and of our creation.  As we renourish; we realign our energy with our Source (Divine) energetic vibration.

*** An anecdotal moment:  My father always quoted the saying of “He who the gods intend to destroy; they first bring to anger “(or insert any intense reactionary emotion of choice) While it took me well over 40 years to realize the wisdom of that quote, (and, in all honesty, it is still one of my learning curves) I will tell you that this quote is one of the wisest quotes of creation that I have encountered. Emotions are messengers. Emotions provide the fuel of our creation. This fueling source can bring us the creation of our bliss.  But overwhelmed and under – recognized emotions can create reactions instead of actions.  All too often reactions are the recreating actions of the old (and perhaps thought to be released) energy that may divert us from our self desired and soul intended flow. ***

*** Another moment: In this instance I used the word “realigned” instead of “aligned” with great intention.  Don’t forget, we come in to this incarnation “pre – aligned.”  We are Source (Divine) energy manifest in physical form.  We are the conduits to create Source on this planet.  And sometimes, we forget this. We begin to think of ourselves as “either / or.” We are either spiritual or we are physical.  And the fact is that we are both. When we remember this, we recognize that our alignment is there; we just want to recognize our alignment and allow ourselves to rejoice in our recognition.***

As we realign, we renew for our Highest Intent.  We welcome the energy of our Source to create our flourishing on this physical plane.  We truly honor and allow the “As above; So Below” principle of Divine Magical creation.

A Guided Script

Allow yourself to become comfortable. Allow your mind and body to calm.  With each breath that you take; breath in serenity and exhale out tension and anxiety.

Feel yourself (you don’t need to actually physically create this position) in the Goddess or Divine position.  Your arms extended above you, like branches of a tree.  Your feet comfortably apart and securely planted on the earth, like the roots of the tree.

With each breath that you take, you feel yourself connect with this “tree” position and perception.

You feel your feet securely cradled by the mother earth.  Roots extending from your sole energy vortices move through the nourishing earth with each breath that you take.

You take a deep breath in, affirming that you are nourished in mind, body and spirit. As you exhale you affirm that your roots are open and flowing.

Focus on the flow of your breath. With each breath that you take, you feel the abundant flow travel through you.  You feel your energy move with the gentle heart pulsations of this flow.

With each breath that you take, you feel your energy become more vibrant, more alive, more “universally one” as the flow moves through you from roots to trunk to outstretched branches and limbs.

You focus on the branches of your tree energy.  Each branch is in harmonious unity with Divine Spirit.  Take a deep breath in and affirm that Divinity guides you in a “voice” that is uplifting, loving and guiding. As you exhale, you affirm that you receive the flow of loving guidance.

As you focus on your branch energy, you feel the leaves begin to turn to the shades of autumn.  As these leaves change, you feel the Divine guidance that encourages you to allow their release.  With each breath that you take, you allow a flow of leaves to gently drift to the earth.  You feel each leaf composting into the earth to provide richness to the soil and to your nourishment.

***If you so led, you can address the leaves as the events, the situations and the energy that you are allowing to release***

All becomes quiet and still within your branches.  Each breath that you take welcomes the blanket of energy that cocoons you.  Each breath that you take allows you to become still and one with the current of Divine stillness. Take a deep breath in affirming that you are aligned with Divine. As you exhale, you affirm the flow from Divine Source to physical destiny.

Through the blanket, you feel the warmth of renewal.  The blanket melts away to reveal the buds that have been growing in the calm of Source creation. You feel the gentle vibration of Source energy as the warming rays touch each bud.  With each breath that you take, you feel the buds open.  You feel Source energy unfurl and come to full fruition.

Take a deep breath in, affirming your renewal.  As you exhale affirm the continuity of your vibrationally aligned flow.

***If you feel so led, allow each unfolding to reveal a Source message to you.***

With each breath that you take, allow yourself to become more mindful of your Divine Source in physical form.  Each breath allows you to ground, to center, to come back to here and now.  Take a deep breath in affirming your appreciation of the experiences that you co-create and as you exhale, affirm that you create in harmony as the Divine Source in physical form.

cpr 2013 Karen Glasgow Follett