02 Who is a member of the Empath Club

      The in a nutshell definition of an Empath is a person who; “works with and through the emotions; who feels and interprets the language of the heart;  has the ability to connect with others on the emotional level.”  

This energy can be energy that moves toward others as you connect with them (either intentionally or just by being in the general proximity) This energy can be also energy to moves toward you as in the case of those who receive the emotions of others just by being in the proximity. 

Future posts will get more to who is who in the energy movement and how to manage that.  But first things first.  Here is a lovely little laundry list of common traits or experiences of the Empath:

You might be an Empath if;

           You tend to be the Caregiver (primarily concerned about and for others) even  at the expense of your own health and needs.          

           You sense the emotions, agenda or intent behind words and actions

            You get “gut” feelings – particularly between your belly button and rib cage. (Often, empaths unconsciously cross their arms in front of their solar  Plexus as this is an involuntary protective response of the nerve bundle that begin our fight or flight response)

             Unless you attach an emotional significance with time, you are relatively  nonchalant about time schedules and deadlines.

            People tend to unload their feelings and “life stories” on you at anytime and anywhere

            People may back away from you after unloading on you as they may feel  the uncomfortable vulnerability of “I’ve revealed too much.”

            People who need to be healed are drawn to you.   They may tell you that, no matter what you say or do, they feel better after being around you..”   (However, you may not feel good after being around them) Please also note that even if a person needs to be healed doensn’t mean that they are at that place of accepting to be healed.

            You act as “sounding boards” while people release their emotions

            You are drawn to and draw intense emotional drama  (emotional junkie)  Note about this that while many Empaths have a “drama queen or drama queen by proxy” history; not all drama queens are empaths.  You know when it is stated (regarding Freud’s phallic project / envy concepts) “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?”  Well sometimes a “drama queen is just a drama queen.” 

            Your high emotional base can “trans –sense” to other senses.  An example is that you “feel the music, color, etc.”

            You feel the emotions of others.  Their emotion becomes your emotion.  You tend to put others at ease as this puts you at ease.

            You tend to live in your head as living in your body becomes confusing with the  onslaught on other’s emotions.  (While empaths are wonderful with allowing others to emotionally balance, we often have no idea about the condition of our emotional state)

            You notice that others project their issues or problems in to you, in essence acting          as mirrors to them.  (Or, due to our lack of emotional self awareness, we find ourselves surrounded by those who do possess traits that we are not seeing in ourselves.)

            You tend to state, “I feel …”

            You experience unexpected waves of emotion without a noted cause.

     You may have laid claim to just a few of those or several of those.  Empathic energy is not “all or none.”  It isn’t static.  It doesn’t label easily.  It is an individual as our very thumbprint.  So regardless of how many “yeps” you had in the list, trust your heart.  The emotion of the heart is always the truest compass to our destiny.  (which is one huge advantage of being an empath … we are heart connected:D)

See you tomorrow!



01 Empath Here’s the Scoop

I am an empath.  I have been working with this wonderful (well, it hasn’t always been wonderful … truth be told) form of intutive perception for more years than I care to admit.   While I don’t profess that I know “everything” about being an empath, I do know that, personally,  I have taken an energy that was, at one time, uncomfortable, isolating, overwhelming and potentially distructive and turned it into an energy that allows me to be “in tune,” and empowered while I safely connect with others to show them the beauty and the power within their own lives. 

I facilitate several psychically oriented workshops in the Kansas City area.  Of all of these workshops, the Empath workshop generates the most interest and the most sign ups.  BUT, when it comes to the day of class, this workshop has the poorist turnout. 

I’m sure that the reasons for this are numerous, but the 2 primary reasons that I detect are typical to the Empath.

First, most empaths find crowds overwhelming.  Since we tend to be emotional sponges for people, we tend to dislike being in public.  (Even if attending a workshop will help us manage this energy so we don’t have to be an emotional dumping ground, we often give in to the warmth of our cocooning blankets and stay home.)

The second dominant reason why empaths don’t attend the workshop is that they get snagged in to the “need to be needed” energy and feel that “draining themselves to serve others is just their lot in life.”  (even when they discover that they are draining their energy while enabling others to continue with their poor behavior.  There was a reason why Jesus taught them man to fish instead of giving him a fish)

No matter the reason, I do feel that imformation regarding the empathic energy needs to be shared. (note that what I will be writing is ALL of the information to be had)  So this blog is filling 2 needs;  First it is getting some information an coping strategies to those who want it.  and Second (since nothing is purely altruistic) it is getting me “back to the page” with writing.

For the next month(ish) I will add daily information from Monday through Friday that deals with being an empath and learning to turn this marvelous energy into something that fills our plate so we can continue to help others fill their plates. 

(oh, the legal stuff… this information is MY cpr for your personal use.  I have had my information stolen to be used by people in their workshops and once in someone’s published writing.  Please note that I do have an in house attorney.  Besides the legal angle, I do have 2 views when it comes to information theft.

1) the enlightened view.  I understand that it is the message that is important; not the messenger.  As long as information gets to those who need it, it matters not how if arrived.

2) the unenlightened view.  Karma is a Bite.  I am a firm believer in what goes around; comes around … and often times with very sharp teeth:D

Stay tuned for the first of the Amazing Empath

KGF 2011


Science and Nature (my view)

Even as a psychic medium, I am very science oriented.  I love to follow a trail of a+b yields to c and then c travels to d … and so on and on.  This trail following allows my left brain to go “ah ha” while my right brain does it’s psychic and creative thing.

When I get too bogged down in the “prove it to me” world of science, I try to remember that science (regardless of its achievements) is limited.  And exclusively basing our beliefs in the expectation of scientific validation is limiting.  Nature is limitless and is not bound by intellectual awareness, belief or perceptions.  Science discovers.  Nature creates.  

Science is the the follower of nature … and often a distant follower of nature.   Scientific discovery is the recognition of the “facts” that Mother Nature has known as her “truths” since the perceived beginning of time.

When the Scientist makes a discovery and shouts “Eureeka!,” Mother Nature smiles and murmurs “well, duh.” 

Isn’t it wonderful to think  that “no matter what we think that we might know and can proove – we can trust that nature will always unveil new realms of mystery and enchantment that we can choose to discover at our desire.”

Nature Spells – LadyBug Crochet Pattern

Lady Bug

 The LadyBug speaks;  ” Whisper your wishes for me to hear – And I will take them  to the Wishkeeper’s ear.  Upon my return, I’ll bring with me – your heart’s desire and destiny.”

  The legends surrounding ladybugs are about as prolific as the “in real life”ladybugs that fly about on the spring breeze.  One common denominator that seems to cross the boundaries of  cultures and of periods of time is the belief that ladybugs are associated with luck, love and the granting of wishes and prayers. 


            My favorite ladybug legend is that of the “wish carrier.”  The legend asserts

that “If you gently cup a ladybug in your hand while making a wish; the released ladybug will carry your wish to the ‘wish – keepers on High’  and truly … if you believe … your wish will come true in the blink of an eye.”  It is this wonderful legend that I kept in mind while I created the pattern for the ladybug.

Each ladybug is approximately 1 ½ inches in length.  You make the ladybug you will need;

Size 10 thread in main color (you can adjust the color depending on your manifestation desires) and in black or complimentary color for the ladybugs belly and head

Size 7 steel crochet hook

Large eye needle to sewing top and bottom together and for cross stitch “dots”

Cotton ball for stuffing ( you can also blend in herb or essential oil or a small gemstone to compliment you manifestation desires)

Fabric glue optional to secure thread ends


Stitches used

Sc – single crochet

Slp st – slip stitch

Ch – chain




Ch 8,

1)      Work 3 sc in the 2nd chain from the hook (these 3 sc will begin the head, you will be slip stitching into the 1st and the 3rd sc with each round, you will not work over these stitches until you work the head)

Work a sc into each chain to the end (5sc)

Work 3 sc into the end chain (this creates the ladybug bottom)

Work a sc into each of the unused loops of foundation chain to the 1st sc of head, slp stitch into that 1st sc.  Turn

2)      Work a sc in each sc around (13 sc) slp st into 3rd sc of head, turn

 3)      Work a sc in each of the next 2 sc, Work 2 sc in each of the next 3 sc,

Work a sc in each of the next 3 sc

Work 2 sc in each of the next 3 sc, Work a sc in each of the next 2 sc, (19 sc)

Slp st into the 1st sc of head.  Turn

    4 & 5)  Work a sc in each sc around, slp st into head sc. Turn

 6)      Work a sc in each sc around, Slp st into 3rd sc of head.

Cut thread (leaving a long tail that will be used for sewing the top of the lady bug to the underside) and Secure


     With black or complimentary color thread, Join at the center bottom sc, work surface crochet stitching through top center (including through foundation chain) to center (2nd) sc of head  Do not cut thread as you will be working the head with that same thread.


Work a slp st into 2nd sc of head and then into 3rd sc of head. Turn

Work 2sc in same stitch, Work 1 sc in 2nd sc of head, Work 2 sc in the 1st sc of head. Turn

Sc decrease through 2 sc, Sc in 2nd sc of head, Sc decrease through next 2 sc.

Cut thread (leaving a long tail that will be used for sewing the head top to underside head) and secure thread.


Use double thread and needle to make cross stitch dots on back as desired.


Lady bug underside

 With black or complimentary color thread work as with top through round 4 (you will be ending with a slp st in 3rd sc of head) Do Not cut thread –

Work 2 sc in 3rd sc of head,  Work a sc in 2nd sc of head, Work 2 sc in 1st sc of head.


Work sc decrease through 2 sc,  Sc in next sc, Work sc decrease through next 2 sc.

Cut and secure thread.


Place ladybug top and bottom with right sides together (facing in) With main color

“tail” sew top to bottom around the body with whip stitch. Cut and secure thread.

 Turn ladybug right side out.   Stuff with cotton ball.

 With black or complimentary color “tail” Sew around head. Cut and secure thread.


A good way to secure the threads is to insert them deep into the stuffed ladybug body. This hides and secures the ends.  Position cotton stuffing as desired.

 Gently cup your ladybug in your hand. Focus the intent and the emotions of your desires through your head (crown energy link to Higher Self), your heart (energy link to the soul)  and your hands to the ladybug.  State these or similar words;

            “Ladybug, Ladybug, fly on High through the Sky,

              Bring back my desires in the blink of an eye.”