01 Empath Here’s the Scoop

I am an empath.  I have been working with this wonderful (well, it hasn’t always been wonderful … truth be told) form of intutive perception for more years than I care to admit.   While I don’t profess that I know “everything” about being an empath, I do know that, personally,  I have taken an energy that was, at one time, uncomfortable, isolating, overwhelming and potentially distructive and turned it into an energy that allows me to be “in tune,” and empowered while I safely connect with others to show them the beauty and the power within their own lives. 

I facilitate several psychically oriented workshops in the Kansas City area.  Of all of these workshops, the Empath workshop generates the most interest and the most sign ups.  BUT, when it comes to the day of class, this workshop has the poorist turnout. 

I’m sure that the reasons for this are numerous, but the 2 primary reasons that I detect are typical to the Empath.

First, most empaths find crowds overwhelming.  Since we tend to be emotional sponges for people, we tend to dislike being in public.  (Even if attending a workshop will help us manage this energy so we don’t have to be an emotional dumping ground, we often give in to the warmth of our cocooning blankets and stay home.)

The second dominant reason why empaths don’t attend the workshop is that they get snagged in to the “need to be needed” energy and feel that “draining themselves to serve others is just their lot in life.”  (even when they discover that they are draining their energy while enabling others to continue with their poor behavior.  There was a reason why Jesus taught them man to fish instead of giving him a fish)

No matter the reason, I do feel that imformation regarding the empathic energy needs to be shared. (note that what I will be writing is ALL of the information to be had)  So this blog is filling 2 needs;  First it is getting some information an coping strategies to those who want it.  and Second (since nothing is purely altruistic) it is getting me “back to the page” with writing.

For the next month(ish) I will add daily information from Monday through Friday that deals with being an empath and learning to turn this marvelous energy into something that fills our plate so we can continue to help others fill their plates. 

(oh, the legal stuff… this information is MY cpr for your personal use.  I have had my information stolen to be used by people in their workshops and once in someone’s published writing.  Please note that I do have an in house attorney.  Besides the legal angle, I do have 2 views when it comes to information theft.

1) the enlightened view.  I understand that it is the message that is important; not the messenger.  As long as information gets to those who need it, it matters not how if arrived.

2) the unenlightened view.  Karma is a Bite.  I am a firm believer in what goes around; comes around … and often times with very sharp teeth:D

Stay tuned for the first of the Amazing Empath

KGF 2011


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