Crochet Pattern “No Peeking” Christmas Stocking

I first created this bag as the wrap for a gift that was being given to a friend.  This friend had long been in search for a special tarot deck.  After – what seemed like – an exhaustive search, we found the elusive deck.  This lovely deck needed a special way to present it as a gift.  So this bag was birthed.

While the initial intent of this bag was for a tarot deck; the approximately 5 by 7 inch bag is so perfect for so many gift giving ideas.  How perfect would  this be for secret Santa’s, gifts for those who add so much to our lives (neighbors, friends, mail carriers, hair stylists, etc)?  Its like giving 2 gifts in 1!

Materials needed:

1 ball 4ply ww crochet cotton in main color (MC)

1 ball 4 ply ww crochet cotton in complimentary / cuff color (CC)

Size F crochet hook

Large eye needle to weave in ends

Safety pins (optional to keep sides together and to mark stitches)

One button of approximately 7/8 to 1 inch in diameter.

Sewing thread and needle

Stitches Used:

Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Dbc – Double Crochet

Slpst – Slip stitch

Sc inc  –  single crochet increase

Sc dec –  single crochet decrease



Sides (make 2)

Stocking is worked from the top down

Turn work at the end of each row


With Cuff Color Chain 22.

Rw 1 – Sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across (21)

 Rw 2 – 7 Ch 1,  Sc in each sc across (21)

 Drop Cuff color and join main color

 Rw 8 – 20, Ch 1, Sc in each sc across (21)

 Rw 21 – Ch 1, Sc in next 19 stitches, Sc inc in next 2 stitches (23

 Rw 22 – Ch 3, Sc in 2nd chain from hook, Sc in next chain, Sc in each stitch

Across  (25)

 Rw 23 – Ch 1, Sc across to last sc,  Sc inc in last sc (26)

 Rw 24 – Ch 1, Sc in each sc across (26)

 Rw 25 – Ch 1, Sc in each sc across to last sc.  Sc inc in last sc, (27)

 Rw 26 –  Ch 2,Sc in the 2nd ch from hook.  Sc in each sc across to last

               2 sc.  Sc dec through last 2 sc (27)

 Rw 27 – Ch 1, (Sc dec) 2 times,  Sc across to last 2 sc.  Sc inc

               In each of the last 2 sc.  (27)

 Rw 28 – Ch 1, Sc in each sc across to last 2 sc,  Sc dec (26)

 Rw 29 – Slpst in 1st 2 stitches, Sc in remaining 24 stitches

               (26 total stitches)

 Rw 30 – Ch 1, Sc in next 23 sc, Slp st in next stitch

               (24 total stitches)

 Rw 31 – Slpst in next 8 stitches, Sc in next 14 stitches (to last 2 stitches)

               Sc dec through last 2 stitches.  (23 total stitches)

 Rw 32 – Ch 1, Sc in next 13 stitches, Sc dec through next 2 stitches

               (14 total stitches)

 Rw 33 – Slpst in 1st 5 stitches, Sc in next 7 stitches, Sc dec

               (13 total stitches)

 Rw 34 – Ch 1, Sc dec, sc next 4 stitches, Sc dec (6 total stitches)

 Rw 35 – Slp st 3 stitches, Sc 3 stitches (6 total stitches)

 Cut and secure yarn.

Cuff Flap pattern

Chain 20

Rw 1- Sc in the 2nd chain from the hook.  Sc in each chain across (19)

 Rw 2 – 7 – Ch 1, Sc in each sc across.  (19)

 Rw 8 – (Sc dec) 2 times.  Sc in each sc to last 4 sc.  (Sc dec) 2 times in last

             4 sc.  (15)

 Rw 9 – Sc dec, Sc in next 4 sc, Ch 3, Skip 3 stitches, Sc next 4 sc, Sc dec.


 Row 10 – Sc dec Sc in next 3 sc, Work 5 dbc in chain 3 loop, Sc in next 3

                 Sc,  Sc dec.  Cut and secure yarn.

 Align cuff top to top of one stocking side.  There will be one unworked stitch on either side of the stocking top. 

Join Yarn through both cuff and stocking at top right with a sc.  Sc in each stitch across (19)  Do not cut yarn



In the 19th sc, chain 11 (or chains that are equivalent ot the length of strap that you desire) 

Careful not to twist the chain, join back to cuff / stocking top in sc 19 with a slip stitch.  Slip stitch in sc 18 of cuff stocking, turn.

Sc in each chain of strap, slip stitch back into sc 19.  Cut and secure yarn.

 Layer side with cuff (cuff facing out) atop other stocking side. (this is with right sides facing inside together, you will turn the stocking “inside out” when seams are sewn)

Align edges.  Sew edges together with whip stitching or with single crochet.

Cut and secure yarn, weave in all ends. 

 Center front flap over stocking front.  Place button under the button hole of the front flap.  Sew in place. 


Cpr Karen Glasgow – Follett 2008