Soul Scripting our Life Stories

We are powerful creators. We continually write our own life stories.  Each event of each day has been scripted by us.  Everything that we script is leading us to the discovery of our powerful and empowered inner creator.  Within this discovery we release the “writer’s blocks.”  We release our story that has us swimming against the current as we release our ego’s story telling to the authorship of the soul.  It is this authorship of the soul that synchronizes our energy with the universal flow.

Many of us will say that we “try” to move beyond the stories that no longer serve us.  We focus, and discuss the reasons why, the results of, and how we would love a better story.   As we tell our story, we want to recognize how much we are connected with this story.  Are we allowing the ego’s story telling to further affirm the story in our life, or are we allowing the soul to release the story and pen a new chapter or a new book for us to enjoy.

Is this a story that we have inherited from others when they have instilled their stories on us?  Is this a story where we are the firmly self identified Protagonists of the events?  Do we feel that there is a reason behind the story and we can’t move to the next chapter or book until we “figure the current story out?”  Do we feel a level of comfort with this story and its predictability?  Do we feel that this is the only book available to us and that there are no others in the universal library?

As you ask each question (or any other question that your soul offers*); focus on your emotional body.  Often, the soul speaks in terms of physical feelings and subsequent emotional reactions around the area of the solar plexus.   Sometimes the language of the soul speaks in terms of the visceral resistance of “no, that’s not me” or “no … followed by a lengthy self rationalization that will feel flimsy. Visceral soul language may materialize as feelings of physical release and of emotional relief.  Visceral Soul language can also be the “ah – ha” of revelation and excitement that is followed by synchronous life events and progress.   Allow yourself to answer the questions in a manner that serves your soul’s desire to author your story:

Take a deep breath in, Invite the assistance of your Divine Creator, Guides, Angels and Loved ones. Focus on the flow of your breathing.  Each breath that you take affirms your union with the universal Divine flow.  Allow this flow to enter deep into your body.  Each breath releasing the words and the intents of the stories that no longer serve you.

The healing, high vibrations of your Highest Source energies affirm that they are there for you and with you.  They affirm with you that you can release the stories to them and they will co – create the next writings of your life with you.

With each breath that you take, allow the stories to surface.

(Take a breath in)  If the story belongs to another person’s beliefs and values, allow yourself to close that book that was loaned to you and (exhale) release the book back to the universal bookshelf as “not yours.”

(Take a breath in) Recognize yourself as a Protagonist with the Highest Source Vibration you recognize yourself as infinite Source Creator and Infinite Source Creation. (Exhale)  Release the energy of past creation from past expectation.

(Take a breath in) Bad writing is bad writing.  It doesn’t need to be figured out or endured.  (Exhale) Close the book and allow yourself to feel the relief that you do not have to read through that again.

(Take a breath in) Sense that you are taking dictation or “notes” from the voice and wisdom of the Divine Creator. (Exhale) allow the feelings of warmth and comfort move through you knowing that you are being guided by the Divine.**

(Take a breath in) Close the book that no longer serves you, (Exhale) allow yourself to be among the infinite library of choices and creations.  Pick your choice of titles and begin “reading.”

With each breath that you take, you allow the stories to release to the Higher Source to be healed, reworded and released.  With each breath that you take, you herald in the blank page that allows you to write your story in the scripting of the Soul.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale – affirm that you are co – writing your life in Soul Script.

Allow yourself to begin the practice of Soul Scripting each evening or each morning. (or anytime that you feel that you need to release and re-author and story in your life)  As you move with this, you will begin to notice that your writing feels good. Life’s events move in accordance to the intent and the emotion of your writing.  You will move in the flow of the universe and not struggling to swim against the current.


*The language of the soul does NOT include words or intents to humiliate you, hurt you, or include the woulda, shoulda, coulda’s that we may be used to hearing from our ego speak

**Our Divine Voice feels good to our heart.  It gives us direction that works and makes sense.  It is not Grandiose.  It is never unkind.  It will never direct us to do things that will harm us or others.  The Voice of Divine Source honors or right to free will and choice.

KGF 2013