Science and Nature (my view)

Even as a psychic medium, I am very science oriented.  I love to follow a trail of a+b yields to c and then c travels to d … and so on and on.  This trail following allows my left brain to go “ah ha” while my right brain does it’s psychic and creative thing.

When I get too bogged down in the “prove it to me” world of science, I try to remember that science (regardless of its achievements) is limited.  And exclusively basing our beliefs in the expectation of scientific validation is limiting.  Nature is limitless and is not bound by intellectual awareness, belief or perceptions.  Science discovers.  Nature creates.  

Science is the the follower of nature … and often a distant follower of nature.   Scientific discovery is the recognition of the “facts” that Mother Nature has known as her “truths” since the perceived beginning of time.

When the Scientist makes a discovery and shouts “Eureeka!,” Mother Nature smiles and murmurs “well, duh.” 

Isn’t it wonderful to think  that “no matter what we think that we might know and can proove – we can trust that nature will always unveil new realms of mystery and enchantment that we can choose to discover at our desire.”

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