Empathic Brilliance

I definitley conceed the knowledge that being an empath can be difficult.  We can hear a person’s words, we see their actions –  but we emotionally sense something very different from what we hear or see. We learn very quickly that the intellectual translations of what we hear and see are often misleading.  We also learn that what we “feel” is usually right on target.  (oh, by the way … only 10 percent of our communication is verbal.  Our actions – facial inflections, tone, etc –  and intent – ahem- emotional fuel- comprises the remaining 90 percent of communication)  We often sense information that is conflicting, confusing and sometimes downright cruel.  Yep, sometimes, being an empath can be a bit difficult.  BUT it is not, by a long shot, a “poor me” energy existance. There is absolute gold in the messages of em the emotions that we sense.

We live in a  society that places more credence on intellectual analysis and treats emotional analysis as if it were poo in the punchbowl.  As empaths, we know (or should I say ” we feel”) the brilliance of our emotions. We understand the importance of intellect, but we also know about the importance of the emotional fueling source that is in every situation. We know that within this fueling source lies the information that guides us successfully through any situation. We know that beyond the confusion and conflicting mixed messages that we receive,  is the guidance that can only be found in the wisdom of our hearts.

When we tune in to our emotional guidance, we can;

know which emotional wave is ours and which wave belongs to another person

can be effective mediators and mentors while allowing another person their sense of free will and free learning curve

can be effective mediators and mentors while maintaining our objectivity and energy independence

not fall into the trap of “needing to be needed”

can be proud that our empathic skill is what we do, but it isn’t the entirety of  who we are. We have many, many, many facets to our diamond. (empath is one facet)

Feel safe in our emotions and in our bodies

Feel nourished in our emotions and in our bodies

Manifest our emotional desires at the speed of “holy cow!”

 And last but NOT least … As we listen to the wisdom of our hearts; as we focus on what feels good and what feels right, we know our true compass. We know that we will always be on our souls path and destiny because our clear emotions will not let us stray.

See you on Monday!


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