Boosting the Energetic Protection / Deflection

My job as a psychic medium gifts me the opportunity to meet some very incredible people.  One of the things that I am seeing more and more are people who are wanting to energetically connect and share with others.  Fortunately most people have very positive and warm intent behind their deisre to connect.

(please note that, in addition to an empath’s sensitivity to the energy that surround us, some of us are very sensitive to the energy that is gifted to us by others. You can kind of liken this energetic sensitivity to the physical sensitivity that some physically sensitive (allergic)  people experience when exposed to  certain elements of their physical environment.   So while the desire to energetically connect may be positive at its intent; its effect on the empath may be similar to waving ragweed under the nose of the physically sensitive person.  (One of the glories of the Higher Self to Higher Self connection is that there is no untoward sensitivity reaction.)

We are lucky that there are not many people who use the energetic connection as a mode of “ego – flation”  (“look at me” energy) and / or manipulation, (I know what’s best for you …”) but those people are there.  And those people do tend to land on the Empath.

Perhaps its our innate healer energy that tends to collect those who could use a good healing (and not all people who could use a healing want a healing … there are those who just want to connect to the healer energy of the empath) or our sensitivity to energy; we do seem to be magnets for those who want to energetically intrude upon us for their gain.

While a healthy protection of energy reflects the work of a healthy inner core of energy, there are times when others fly through our energetic radar (no matter how energetically vigilant we are) and we find that we need a fast boost of protection and / or deflection.  By no means are these the only methods of energetic protection and deflection, they may offer a few quick fixes when they are needed.  

Here are 5 Helpful Energetic Boosts

1)      Consciously connect with your Higher Self or Creator Source energy. This is your constant source of regenerating, revitalizing and protector energy.  Feel this energy flow through your crown chakra. With each breath, feel the energy flow through your chakras to your root – and on down your legs to the sole chakras of the feet.  Feel your earth connection and allow this flow to move deep into the soil to the core of earth – allowing for a grounded and grounding flow of Source energy.   Allow this flow of energy to outwardly radiate like heat shimmer to to aura.   (You can even project this energy to manifest as outwardly facing mirrors, windows, or gossamer or any form of energy filter that you desire.)    Affirm that energy flows through you from your Source.  You are constantly regenerating, revitalizing and refueling.

2) When you note an intruding energy; isolate (focus on it) either visually or manually. (by placing your hands over it.  Most empaths receive energy in their 2nd chakra)  When you have this energy isolated, take a deep breath and as you exhale, place the energy beyond the aura and gift it back to the universe. 

With the exhale you can also channel the energy through chakras  (down the legs and through the sole chakras) to the earth and release the energy to the earth. 

In either case – affirm that the energy is not yours and visualize (sense) the universe’s re-intending of the energy into the energy of a postive flow

3) Surround your aura with your Angels, Higher Self and / or Guides.  (One of my Guides is my Sentry)  Allow these Energetic Entities to protect you.  When you ID an energy that was received, gift it to these Entities and allow them to re-intend and remove the energy.

4) When you identify an intruding energy, Focus your Creator Source energy to it, Sense the forming of an outwardly facing mirror and allow this mirror to reflect and re-intend the intruding energy away from you.

5)  The most important boost to protection speaks to the inherent gfit of the empath.  This is the gift of our perception of emotions.  OUR emotions are our messengers.  They are the energetic indicators that give us the “heads up” regarding our surroundings and situations.  Our perceptions of other’s emotions can que us in to the agenda of their intent.  So the last but not least quick fix is the fix that can even pre-empt its own need; this fix is to Honor Your Emotional Response.


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