Empathic Awareness and Predictive Value

 Recently I had a potential client (now an actual client) approach me with questions about the predictive value of empathic intuition. (this person had been told that empathic and mediumistic information was only therapeutic and had no predictive value …. Grrrrr …) After I patted my ego on its head and it placed back where it belonged, I realized that her question was a valid one. So I offered her my opinion as I feel the psychic / empathic  perception works for me.

 I do believe that the perception is as varied as those who perceive it … so I repeat, this is my opinion only:D  First off, I do not believe in a pre – ordained, carved in stone,  outcome. I also believe that, even in cases where we “need” to experience an event for our earth experience “contract”; the event’s impact is changeable. So, with that mind set, I believe that, regardless of the method that we use, (divination oracles, medium input, clairvoyance, sentience, etc) we tune in to the current projected flow of energy and the subsequent possible outcomes that are derived from that current flow.

There are times that even when the projected flow of energy is aligned (with) toward a desired outcome, the predicted or desired outcome  is not achieved. Now this desired outcome may have been missed due to a shift in projected energy. But the miss may also be due to a misalignment deeper than the projected energy flow.  Perhaps the energy that harbors the vibrational misalignment is in the source of the energy flow. The EMOTIONAL FUEL that ignites and vibrationally aligns the energetic fire.

This detection of the emotional fuel is where the empathic awareness reigns supreme. We may hear and see the appropriate intent and actions. But we can also ‘feel” what is subtly simmering. And we all know that, while the intent and actions are the vehicles that create our desired outcome; the vehicle’s performance is based on the quality of fuel.

The awareness of the emotional source is a bottom line predictor as this emotional fuel sets the trajectory for any subsequent long term energy vibration. So in addition to the predictive value that empathic awareness has; it also offers information that the client can use.  The client has the option of  working with and through the emotional fuel. This change in vibrational fuel will then align the energy of intent and action.  This core vibrational alignment will allow the client to know and to fulfill their true desires. 


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