The Empathic Aura and the Auric Kegal

In my “other” professional life, I graduated from college in 1981 and spent the next 26 years as an RN.  The speciality of most of these years was maternal / child health.  (OB/Gyn)  Most women have heard of the term “kegal.”  This exercise is one that acts to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.  This exercise helps keep the pelvic organs in place and helps keep the integrity of the pelvic floor healthy and protective. (in other words, it keeps what is ‘in” in and what is “out” out) The idea of employing an exercise to tighten and strengthen can cross the bridge from the physical world to the energetic world.

We are surrounded by a wonderful field of energy that is referred to as the aura.  This field acts as both an attractant and as a protectant.  For most people, this field is egg shaped and extends the approximate length of our arms. (about 3 feet) 

Now we move from Most people to Empathic people.  Since we are so energetically connected to others and since our energy is often barraged with the emotions and conditions of others, we may notice our auric energy is expanded well beyond the comfort of our arms length.  This expanded aura may leave us with a sense of being “very out – there” and “very vulnerable.”   We may not feel that we have a boundary that keeps what is ours “in” and what is theirs “out.”

This is a wonderful time to employ the auric kegal. (Like a physical kegal, an auric kegal can be done to maintain strength and integrity on a routine basis)   Here is one method of auric kegaling;  Call in your Angels, Higher Self or God source energy (as you desire) Sense your aura’s boundaries and integrity.  Focus on a flow of Source energy allowing your aura to cleanse, recharge and reconnect to you.  As you are focused on this energy and take a deep breath in.  As you exhale,  intend your aura  to kegal – or to firm up (tighten) and strengthen . Sense it to be within the hugs of your arms length.  ( Many women will actually physically kegal when they do this.) 

Affirm that you are protected.  That your aura allows you to keep what is yours “as yours” and what is others “as theirs.” 


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