Empathic Protection is in our Hands

Many of us have been taught that anything of value must be complicated, difficult to acheive or always just beyond our hand’s grasp.  BUT, in reality, these ideas of complication, difficulty and inaccessability are just self (or society) imposed belief blocks.  (change the belief and remove the block:D And before you mumble “if only it were that easy,” note that there is often a tumbling of belief blocks that begins with the removal of one block)  With regard to energetic protection for the empath; one technique is definitely “in our own hands.”

We tend to project energy through our dominant hand.  We tend to receive energy through or recessive (or receptive) hand.   So, letting simplicity reign, protect your receptive hand.  Here are some protective ideas;

1) Close your  receiving hand, visualizing a protective  energy surrounding your hand (or visualizing an Angel holding your hand.)

2) utilize jewelry and gemstones to protect this energy.  Popular gemstones for protection include; quartz, onyx,  copper, etc.

3) Lead with your dominant hand when you physically connect with others

4) Connect with your Higher Self and / or God Source energy, visualize this energy flowing through you and through your hands.  Intend this outward flow of energy (as opposed to an inward draw of energy)   You can also use this technique when you feel that you have already absorbed other person’s “stuff” to clear the stuff away from you.

5) When you have cleared any energy from your hands, either physically or energetically cool them with a compress. The coolness allows the energy (both physical – ie pores- and subtle energy) to contract to a more protective state. 

The hands are energetically connected with the heart.  Trust the heart feel of what your hands feel.  Allow yourself the process of perceiving the energy of connection without having to receieve the energy of connection.


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