Trust the Gut

“I had a gut feeling…”  Many of us have probably lost count of how many times we have made that statement.   There are those people who think that the statement is merely a figure of speech.  There are those of us who KNOW that the “gut” feeling is a perfect physical response to our innate ability to sense and interpret our energetic environment. 

 On an energetic level, the area between our diaphragm and our belly button is the home of the solar plexus chakra.  This etheric vortex interprets the inflow of energy that is perceived and initiates a physical response.

 The physical response is the energetic communication with the physical autonomic nervous system that is found along the spinal column from the thoracic (chest) to the lumbar (lower abdomen) region.  Within this response, is the nerve stimulation and hormonal chain of events that produces the physical translation that we can choose to heed or to ignore.

 This gut translation can be felt in a myriad of perceptions.  From butterflies to rumbles, from intense gnawing to vague tingling, the physical sensation is the activation of our inner antenna.  This inner antenna is the heads up that tells us to protect; to pay  attention; to tune in to our psychic sense of information received (the information of what we know and what we feel)


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