A Proud Practitioner of Witchcraft

I am a proud practitioner of Witchcraft.  I have been studying an practicing Witchcraft since 1972.  I am NOT just coming out of the closet with this.  Those who know me know who I am and what I believe.  Those who don’t know me … well, historically it has just been none of their business … unless they care to ask.

Ya see, I wear my spirituality on the inside and I hope that my love of the Gods radiates from this inner belief in to my outer actions. 

 Occasionally I will wear an ornament that shows my belief, but, at no time, do I feel that I need the “I’m a big old witch” tee-shirt.  I’m “old school” in a few respects;

First I was taught and do believe that those of us who practice the art are the “children of the shadows.”  To me, this doesn’t speak to the hiding or the protective nature of shadows (even though we still need to exercise care).  To me this speaks more to the idea that we are driven by our inner core of belief and not by extrinsic accolades and “look at me,” “loud mouth” recognition.

The second oldie relates to the concept that states “If you have to advertise that you are ____ (fill in the blank) then in all probability, you probably really aren’t _____ (fill in the blank)  A perfect example of that concept occurred a few years ago when we had a new neighbor move in.  I introduced myself.  She extended her hand, stated her name and immediatedly followed with the declaration that “we’re good Christians.”  Weeeeellllll …. after a few years of being a neighbor, I can truly say – with all confidence- that if her family’s actions are the merit of a “good Christian,” then I am sooooo thankful that I march under a different banner.

I do hope that this writing is not viewed as the “I’m a big old witch” tee shirt, as that is not the intent of this writing.  A few weeks ago, a very well intentioned person (who didn’t know me well) let me know several times, in their opinion, that I need to embrace that I was a Witch.  That “while all of the psychic stuff that I do is really fun and neat … I am a Witch and I need to show that … ”  And obviously her statements did strike some cords.  Here are two cords where I’ve currently noticed the strike and have provided the fuel for this writing;

I do not call myself a Witch, I tell people that I am a practitioner of Witchcraft.  I place the title of “Witch” with a monumental degree of honor and reverance. For a Witch the wise woman.  She is the vessel of ancient wisdom and knowledge.  She is the healer.  She reconnects us our infinite Gods Source.  She is pure love and pure guidance.  She is the light and the shadow.  She is Goddess incarnate. She is what I aspire to be.  She is Witch. 

The secord cord is the recognition that  the life that I enjoy as a practitioner comes from, and is due to,  the  courage and the sacrifices of the practitioners who have gone before me.  The brave women and men who lost friends, family, reputation and even their lives because of the ignornance that begets bigotry. Regardless of the consequences they had the courage to live the outward expression of their inner Spirits

.  There is no honor that I can give them that measures to what they have given me.  But what I can do is to publically state that “I am here” and I am honored to pass the light of the Craft to those who have the courage to come with us. 


One thought on “A Proud Practitioner of Witchcraft

  1. Good for you, Karen! It is indeed a challenge to be a wizard (or witch!) in a world of Muggles–but thankfully, we are reaching out to the Younger Ones who are becoming aware of their true nature. I forwarded your post to a friend and practitioner in Boaz, Alabama; she really appreciated your wise words!

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