Creative Breath Guided Imagery


Creative Breath


We are creator and creation.  With each breath, we have the opportunity to align our vibration with the Universal Divine Creator Source. 

 Breathe in – Affirm the energy connection of your Universal Higher Self

Breathe out – Feel your energy merge with the Divine Source in Higher Self

 You may visualize a ray of light beaming from the infinite and through your crown chakra   As you gently breathe, you feel yourself unite with the vibration of Higher Self creator.

 Breathe in – Welcome the energy alignment that you desire to manifest.  (ie I breathe in Love)

Breathe out – Affirm that this aligned energy is your reality ( ie I am Love)

 You may see currents of color energy or symbolic representations inhaled and exhaled with each breath.  You may feel a sense of union and / or a sense of release as this breathing reminds us that we have no creative limits or boundaries.  As you gently breathe, you feel your energy expand and align in the vibration of All Creator and Creation.

 Breathe in – Welcoming the wisdom of your Divine Source

Breathe out – Giving thankful affirmation of your Creative alignment and physical  manifestation of that creation

 Our Divine Source (Higher Self) guidance will always be the gentle and loving voice of guidance and empowerment.  This voice will never berate us, or place us in unhealthy predicaments to “teach us a lesson.”  If you hear messages that don’t feel comfortable to you, know that the message is NOT from your Highest Vibration.  Repeat the first part of the breathing.  Or listen to your emotions and expectations as all that we perceived is filtered through our world view of emotion and expectation. 

 <<<<< If you discover limiting beliefs in the emotional messages or limiting expectations allow yourself to reprogram these beliefs. Gently call up the limiting Belief

 Breathe in – Surround this belief in Higher Self Love.  Listen to any messages that it has     for you. (this is what I heard from ____.  This is what I experienced as what I created before I knew _______. Etc)  Affirm that the belief is only in your energy if you choose to fuel it with validation.

Breathe out – Surrender or release this limiting belief to your Higher Self.

As you gently breathe, allow yourself to focus on how you feel during this release.  If you have difficulty focusing on a feeling; focus on your sense of release and relief.

Then as you feel comfortable, repeat the Creative Breath Process >>>>>

 To complete or ground the Creative Breath meditation;

 Breathe in – Welcome the flow of oxygen into your lungs. 

Breathe out – Releasing the toxins from your body to be cleansed and transmuted by the Universal source

 As you gently breathe, you know that the Divine creation of each breath is ceaselessly provided throughout your physical life.  As you gently breathe, you affirm that each breath also bears the vibration of your never ending alignment with your Creative Source. 




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