Verbal Liberation

I am, and always have been, a verbally expressive person.  Some would even view this expressiveness as being bossy, a but-in-ski, and even bitchy.  It doesn’t really matter what label you put on it, I can typically be counted on to lay it verbally “on the line.”

Over the years I have learned what battles to fight, what situations warrant an opinion, and what situations make me feel that I really don’t want to exert the verbal energy.  I try to only express when my opinion is asked for and when the situation directly (or indirectly) impacts me. (note that the last part is loaded with huge load of potentiality) 

There have been some recent events where I have been very verbally expressive.  My opinions were not asked for; but the situation did impact me directly.  I do know that the opinions that I offered were met with as much appreciation as one would experience if one found a turd in one’s coffee.

In fact, after expressing my latest opinion, I heard that all too familiar “mom” voice stating “when are you going to learn to keep your mouth shut.”  That made me think for a minute.

I thought … hmmm …  I’m 52ish years old … I haven’t YET learned to keep my mouth shut … I rarely desire to keep my mouth shut …  and in all probability I would probably explode if I tried to keep my mouth shut.  So I’m thinking that the mouth shutting thing will never be among my skill set. I will never “learn” to keep my mouth shut. 

I find that realization to be wonderfully liberating.  I love getting older!

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