And the Moon Makes Her Journey

Wow, what an intense dark moon / mercury shift experience this has been!  After taking a deep breath and thinking “holy crap, what was all of THAT about,” I was reminded of the depth and the strength of emotion that can be discovered in the Dark of the Moon. 

The Dark of the Moon hearlds an energy that illuminates our inner shadow source.  The shadow that may manifest itself in the relationships that we draw, the finances that we perpetuate, the situations that we “KNOW” really no longer serve us and the stumbing blocks that we place in front of our paths to situations that may fuel us.  The shadow emotions are too often those we choose not to acknowledge.  We choose not to give these messengers their voice.  Regardless of what we choose to do, (even when we feel that we are just too ascended to actually have these shadow emotions) the voices of this shadow are strong and provide the fuel that ignites our flow of creation energy.  When we choose to disregard these voices, (to ignore the shadow) this creative flow may keep us in an untoward cycle of creation.

But when acknowledged and given voice, these emotions can shift us from one energy source that keeps us in an untoward cycle to an energy source that welcomes and creates the new journey of  forward and fulfilling movement.

The discoveries found within the energy of the Dark of the Moon birth the New Beginnings of the New Moon. 

I am grateful to this wonderful Goddess energy that allows me to safely explore the shadow so I can create the light of my path.


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