Guided Imagery Setting our Inner Magnet

Our Inner Magnet
Every experience that we outwardly have is created in place by our internal magnetic force.  This magnetic force is comprised from our intent, our expectations and our emotions. The energetic flow that carries these intentions, expectations and emotions is the chakra system.
As we view any light bulb, the halo of light that is produced by the bulb is readily apparent.  This halo of light is created by the inner components (or filament) of the light bulb.  Now, compare this halo of light to the aura of our physical bodies.
The aura is the corona of energy that surrounds us. This energetic halo is responsible for the magnetic attraction or deflection of the events of our lives.  Our energetic halo is created by our inner filament of the chakra system.  The thoughts, expectations and emotions that reside in our chakra system fuels the magnetic pull of our auras.
Guided Imagery
Become aware of your physical body.  Allow your eyes to close or to gently focus. Focus on your breathing.  With each breath, allow your physical body to relax.

Working from the top of your head to soles of your feet; each breath in welcomes calmness and serenity – each breath out releases the tension and the fear to the healing atmosphere that surrounds you.
As you physical body relaxes, shift your physical awareness from the outside to the mindscape of the inner planes.  With each breath that you take allow the mind to release the physical thoughts and images that drift through.
With each breath, allow yourself to feel the energy as it flows through you and around you – Divine Source energy that is perfectly attuning the inner and the outer balance of your mind, body and spirit.

Each breath that you take in unifies the “as above” of the energetic divine vibration with the “so below” of your physical energetic vibration.   Each breath that you release blends your core of desire, intent and emotion with your energetic divine source.  Each breath that you take allows the boundaries of inner and outer to soften until you are flowing as a unity of Divine Creator and creation.
Allow your energetic senses to become aware of your vortices of energetic flow.  As you focus on each energetic swirl; focus on any messages that reside within the energy.  Allow yourself to affirm the messages that fuel your life. Allow yourself to release any messages that no longer serve you to the Divine energy for healing and re-messaging.
Begin with the soles of the feet. Focus your breathing on your soles. Feel them relax and feel them firmly cradled within the energy of the earth.  You feel the energy vortices of your feet root deep into the earth to receive the nourishment of the earth mother and to “ground” the energetic flow into physical reality.
Move your awareness up to your tail bone area. Become aware of the swirling garnet red energy of the root chakra. This energy is the energy of the physical “I am.” This is our physical energy – our right to thrive – our right to be here on earth. Be with your awareness of this energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow creating your Highest physical progression.
The garnet red blends to the tangerine orange energy between your pubic bone and your navel.  This sacral chakra is the energy of “I connect” with others and “I create”.  This creative energy is also the flow of our desires and pleasures. Be with your awareness of this energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow magnetizing your Highest sense of joy.
The tangerine orange flows to the sunny yellow of the solar plexus chakra. The energetic swirl is located from the navel to just beneath your rib cage.  This chakra is the energy of “I manifest.”  This energy takes ideas and inspiration and turns them into a plan of action.  Be with your awareness of this energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow attracting your Highest manifestation in the physical realm.
The energies of the physical now flow to the spirit as the solar plexus flows to the emerald green of the heart. This energy that is centrally located in the chest is the energy of “I love.” This Divine love is the message of Source to us that lets us know that “what is loved within our hearts is the message of our souls to manifest in our reality.”  Be with your awareness of this energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow serves your Highest Source of Unconditional Love and Desire.
The emerald flows to the pure blue of the throat chakra. This swirling energy is located in the mid throat and speaks our truth – our authentic self.  This energy gives us the solidity of the soul’s messages and it gives us the thinness of the messages of our egos.   Be with your awareness of this “I speak” energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow resonating with your Divine voice of soul intent.
The pure blue blends into the indigo of the third eye chakra of the central brow.  This is the energy of “I see.” This sight moves beyond all boundaries and links the Source direction to the visual journey.  Be with your awareness of this energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow revealing  your Highest path and vision.

The indigo flows to the opalescent energy of the Higher Source.  This energy is felt at the crown of the head.  This is the Divine “I am.”  This energy is the connection to our Highest Source / Spirit Guide that is always of Creator God Source.  The messages of this energy are always affirming and uplifting.  Be with your awareness of this energy. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any messages, thoughts or perceptions that no longer serve you.  With each breath that you take, affirm that Source energy is assuring that energetic flow serves your Highest communication that supports and re-affirms our sense of Divine Source in Physical Self.
If you feel so directed, continue your affirming flow of Creator Source –
Your awareness shifts to the warmth radiating from above your crown.  You sense a golden sphere of energy above your crown – the energetic sphere of Divine Source.  Source energy affirming your creation of Highest Intent. Source energy that aligns you with your inherent right to be nourished and to thrive. With each breath that you take, you allow the flow of energy to reach toward you.
With each breath, allow this warming golden energy to flow through each chakra.  Sense the golden rays flowing through each energetic vortex. Feel the vibrational attunement of Divine Source.  From Crown to Root, you know that you are the physical creation of Divine Creator.  As Divine energy moves through the root, you release the flow through the soles of your feet into the nourishing earth.  You affirm the energy of “As above – So below”  magnetic creation.
As you feel comfortable, allow your focus to shift from the inner energetic planes to the physical body. Each breath that you take gives your physical body more definition and distinction.  With each breath, you gain clarity to your physical place and position.  You feel the firmness of the physical plane.  Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, release any floaty or extra energy through the soles of your feet and into the earth.  Open your eyes and acclimate back to the physical presence.

Karen Glasgow Follett 12/30/14

Tree of Life Renewal Meditation Re – alignment with Source

Tree of Life Renewal Meditation

Vibrational Alignment

The writing of this piece is occurring at the ending of a calendar year.  As we approach this farewell, many people are talking about “releasing” the old, “releasing what hasn’t worked for them, and, in general, “releasing” the energy that has kept them from realizing their dreams and desires in this calendar year.

In addition to the affirmations of release, we can look at and begin to emote the affirmations of grateful recognition. Each experience, regardless of the judgment that we place on that experience, gifts us an element of nourishment that we can choose to bring forward.  Be it a piece of wisdom that we learned, or a depth of strength that we didn’t know we possessed; we recognize that we are the totality of our experiences.  Each experience adds to our growth.  By allowing our emotions to work through the experience, from the point of our base reaction to the point where there is an element of  gratitude, we allow ourselves a renewing alignment that transmutes the releasing noxious energy to the higher vibrational energy of nourishment.

We’ve expended a lot of energy over the last cycle (calendar year) and we are entitled to renourish.  We can take a step back.  We can breathe.  We can find that still point that is the beginning of all movement.  We can find our calm center which is our source of our Creator and of our creation.  As we renourish; we realign our energy with our Source (Divine) energetic vibration.

*** An anecdotal moment:  My father always quoted the saying of “He who the gods intend to destroy; they first bring to anger “(or insert any intense reactionary emotion of choice) While it took me well over 40 years to realize the wisdom of that quote, (and, in all honesty, it is still one of my learning curves) I will tell you that this quote is one of the wisest quotes of creation that I have encountered. Emotions are messengers. Emotions provide the fuel of our creation. This fueling source can bring us the creation of our bliss.  But overwhelmed and under – recognized emotions can create reactions instead of actions.  All too often reactions are the recreating actions of the old (and perhaps thought to be released) energy that may divert us from our self desired and soul intended flow. ***

*** Another moment: In this instance I used the word “realigned” instead of “aligned” with great intention.  Don’t forget, we come in to this incarnation “pre – aligned.”  We are Source (Divine) energy manifest in physical form.  We are the conduits to create Source on this planet.  And sometimes, we forget this. We begin to think of ourselves as “either / or.” We are either spiritual or we are physical.  And the fact is that we are both. When we remember this, we recognize that our alignment is there; we just want to recognize our alignment and allow ourselves to rejoice in our recognition.***

As we realign, we renew for our Highest Intent.  We welcome the energy of our Source to create our flourishing on this physical plane.  We truly honor and allow the “As above; So Below” principle of Divine Magical creation.

A Guided Script

Allow yourself to become comfortable. Allow your mind and body to calm.  With each breath that you take; breath in serenity and exhale out tension and anxiety.

Feel yourself (you don’t need to actually physically create this position) in the Goddess or Divine position.  Your arms extended above you, like branches of a tree.  Your feet comfortably apart and securely planted on the earth, like the roots of the tree.

With each breath that you take, you feel yourself connect with this “tree” position and perception.

You feel your feet securely cradled by the mother earth.  Roots extending from your sole energy vortices move through the nourishing earth with each breath that you take.

You take a deep breath in, affirming that you are nourished in mind, body and spirit. As you exhale you affirm that your roots are open and flowing.

Focus on the flow of your breath. With each breath that you take, you feel the abundant flow travel through you.  You feel your energy move with the gentle heart pulsations of this flow.

With each breath that you take, you feel your energy become more vibrant, more alive, more “universally one” as the flow moves through you from roots to trunk to outstretched branches and limbs.

You focus on the branches of your tree energy.  Each branch is in harmonious unity with Divine Spirit.  Take a deep breath in and affirm that Divinity guides you in a “voice” that is uplifting, loving and guiding. As you exhale, you affirm that you receive the flow of loving guidance.

As you focus on your branch energy, you feel the leaves begin to turn to the shades of autumn.  As these leaves change, you feel the Divine guidance that encourages you to allow their release.  With each breath that you take, you allow a flow of leaves to gently drift to the earth.  You feel each leaf composting into the earth to provide richness to the soil and to your nourishment.

***If you so led, you can address the leaves as the events, the situations and the energy that you are allowing to release***

All becomes quiet and still within your branches.  Each breath that you take welcomes the blanket of energy that cocoons you.  Each breath that you take allows you to become still and one with the current of Divine stillness. Take a deep breath in affirming that you are aligned with Divine. As you exhale, you affirm the flow from Divine Source to physical destiny.

Through the blanket, you feel the warmth of renewal.  The blanket melts away to reveal the buds that have been growing in the calm of Source creation. You feel the gentle vibration of Source energy as the warming rays touch each bud.  With each breath that you take, you feel the buds open.  You feel Source energy unfurl and come to full fruition.

Take a deep breath in, affirming your renewal.  As you exhale affirm the continuity of your vibrationally aligned flow.

***If you feel so led, allow each unfolding to reveal a Source message to you.***

With each breath that you take, allow yourself to become more mindful of your Divine Source in physical form.  Each breath allows you to ground, to center, to come back to here and now.  Take a deep breath in affirming your appreciation of the experiences that you co-create and as you exhale, affirm that you create in harmony as the Divine Source in physical form.

cpr 2013 Karen Glasgow Follett

Soul Scripting our Life Stories

We are powerful creators. We continually write our own life stories.  Each event of each day has been scripted by us.  Everything that we script is leading us to the discovery of our powerful and empowered inner creator.  Within this discovery we release the “writer’s blocks.”  We release our story that has us swimming against the current as we release our ego’s story telling to the authorship of the soul.  It is this authorship of the soul that synchronizes our energy with the universal flow.

Many of us will say that we “try” to move beyond the stories that no longer serve us.  We focus, and discuss the reasons why, the results of, and how we would love a better story.   As we tell our story, we want to recognize how much we are connected with this story.  Are we allowing the ego’s story telling to further affirm the story in our life, or are we allowing the soul to release the story and pen a new chapter or a new book for us to enjoy.

Is this a story that we have inherited from others when they have instilled their stories on us?  Is this a story where we are the firmly self identified Protagonists of the events?  Do we feel that there is a reason behind the story and we can’t move to the next chapter or book until we “figure the current story out?”  Do we feel a level of comfort with this story and its predictability?  Do we feel that this is the only book available to us and that there are no others in the universal library?

As you ask each question (or any other question that your soul offers*); focus on your emotional body.  Often, the soul speaks in terms of physical feelings and subsequent emotional reactions around the area of the solar plexus.   Sometimes the language of the soul speaks in terms of the visceral resistance of “no, that’s not me” or “no … followed by a lengthy self rationalization that will feel flimsy. Visceral soul language may materialize as feelings of physical release and of emotional relief.  Visceral Soul language can also be the “ah – ha” of revelation and excitement that is followed by synchronous life events and progress.   Allow yourself to answer the questions in a manner that serves your soul’s desire to author your story:

Take a deep breath in, Invite the assistance of your Divine Creator, Guides, Angels and Loved ones. Focus on the flow of your breathing.  Each breath that you take affirms your union with the universal Divine flow.  Allow this flow to enter deep into your body.  Each breath releasing the words and the intents of the stories that no longer serve you.

The healing, high vibrations of your Highest Source energies affirm that they are there for you and with you.  They affirm with you that you can release the stories to them and they will co – create the next writings of your life with you.

With each breath that you take, allow the stories to surface.

(Take a breath in)  If the story belongs to another person’s beliefs and values, allow yourself to close that book that was loaned to you and (exhale) release the book back to the universal bookshelf as “not yours.”

(Take a breath in) Recognize yourself as a Protagonist with the Highest Source Vibration you recognize yourself as infinite Source Creator and Infinite Source Creation. (Exhale)  Release the energy of past creation from past expectation.

(Take a breath in) Bad writing is bad writing.  It doesn’t need to be figured out or endured.  (Exhale) Close the book and allow yourself to feel the relief that you do not have to read through that again.

(Take a breath in) Sense that you are taking dictation or “notes” from the voice and wisdom of the Divine Creator. (Exhale) allow the feelings of warmth and comfort move through you knowing that you are being guided by the Divine.**

(Take a breath in) Close the book that no longer serves you, (Exhale) allow yourself to be among the infinite library of choices and creations.  Pick your choice of titles and begin “reading.”

With each breath that you take, you allow the stories to release to the Higher Source to be healed, reworded and released.  With each breath that you take, you herald in the blank page that allows you to write your story in the scripting of the Soul.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale – affirm that you are co – writing your life in Soul Script.

Allow yourself to begin the practice of Soul Scripting each evening or each morning. (or anytime that you feel that you need to release and re-author and story in your life)  As you move with this, you will begin to notice that your writing feels good. Life’s events move in accordance to the intent and the emotion of your writing.  You will move in the flow of the universe and not struggling to swim against the current.


*The language of the soul does NOT include words or intents to humiliate you, hurt you, or include the woulda, shoulda, coulda’s that we may be used to hearing from our ego speak

**Our Divine Voice feels good to our heart.  It gives us direction that works and makes sense.  It is not Grandiose.  It is never unkind.  It will never direct us to do things that will harm us or others.  The Voice of Divine Source honors or right to free will and choice.

KGF 2013

Creative Breath Guided Imagery


Creative Breath


We are creator and creation.  With each breath, we have the opportunity to align our vibration with the Universal Divine Creator Source. 

 Breathe in – Affirm the energy connection of your Universal Higher Self

Breathe out – Feel your energy merge with the Divine Source in Higher Self

 You may visualize a ray of light beaming from the infinite and through your crown chakra   As you gently breathe, you feel yourself unite with the vibration of Higher Self creator.

 Breathe in – Welcome the energy alignment that you desire to manifest.  (ie I breathe in Love)

Breathe out – Affirm that this aligned energy is your reality ( ie I am Love)

 You may see currents of color energy or symbolic representations inhaled and exhaled with each breath.  You may feel a sense of union and / or a sense of release as this breathing reminds us that we have no creative limits or boundaries.  As you gently breathe, you feel your energy expand and align in the vibration of All Creator and Creation.

 Breathe in – Welcoming the wisdom of your Divine Source

Breathe out – Giving thankful affirmation of your Creative alignment and physical  manifestation of that creation

 Our Divine Source (Higher Self) guidance will always be the gentle and loving voice of guidance and empowerment.  This voice will never berate us, or place us in unhealthy predicaments to “teach us a lesson.”  If you hear messages that don’t feel comfortable to you, know that the message is NOT from your Highest Vibration.  Repeat the first part of the breathing.  Or listen to your emotions and expectations as all that we perceived is filtered through our world view of emotion and expectation. 

 <<<<< If you discover limiting beliefs in the emotional messages or limiting expectations allow yourself to reprogram these beliefs. Gently call up the limiting Belief

 Breathe in – Surround this belief in Higher Self Love.  Listen to any messages that it has     for you. (this is what I heard from ____.  This is what I experienced as what I created before I knew _______. Etc)  Affirm that the belief is only in your energy if you choose to fuel it with validation.

Breathe out – Surrender or release this limiting belief to your Higher Self.

As you gently breathe, allow yourself to focus on how you feel during this release.  If you have difficulty focusing on a feeling; focus on your sense of release and relief.

Then as you feel comfortable, repeat the Creative Breath Process >>>>>

 To complete or ground the Creative Breath meditation;

 Breathe in – Welcome the flow of oxygen into your lungs. 

Breathe out – Releasing the toxins from your body to be cleansed and transmuted by the Universal source

 As you gently breathe, you know that the Divine creation of each breath is ceaselessly provided throughout your physical life.  As you gently breathe, you affirm that each breath also bears the vibration of your never ending alignment with your Creative Source.