Love’s Enchantment Dream Pillow Crochet Pattern

Love’s Dream Enchantment Pillow

Approximately 11 inches

CPR Karen Glasgow Follett 2011



  Dream magic is the magic of the infinite soul.. All obstacles (untoward patterns, limiting judgments, lack of confidence, ete.) imposed by the ego are transcended.  The consciousness of the dream state is that of the Higher Self.  In this realm the Higher Self (or infinite Soul) conducts the universal abundance and conveys the universal wisdom in response to the intent of our magical desires.

Magic is of the realm that knows no limitations of time or space.  Magic is used when magic is needed.   But it is universally recognized that there are events that occur when nature “paves the way” for the energies of magical work.  Since this creation is primarily one of attraction, many people may wish to begin during the waxing phases of the moon and complete with the full moon.

To create this magically enhanced pillow, you will need;

1 skein 4 ply ww yarn in a main color

1 skein 4 ply ww yarn in a complimentary color. “A”

1 skein 4 ply ww yarn in a complimentary color “B”

Small amount ¼ inch ribbon.

The colors selected for the pictured pillow are those most often associated with love.

Red – attraction, passion, intensity, love

Pink – Romance, gentleness, love

White – purity, flow of energy

Size “G” crochet hook

Large eye needle (ie tapestry needle) to weave in ends and to sew on “core” pocket.

Fiber fill stuffing

Mix herbs (such as rose petals, or lavender) or essential oils ( such as rose, sandalwood, or jasmine) that are associated with love attraction with the fiber fill.  Focus on the intent of your spell as you mix to “infuse” the fiber fill with the energy of your desires.

Centered on both sides of the pillow are “core pockets”  These pockets will contain symbols of the “core of your radiating energy” and the “core of the energy that you desire to be drawn to you.”  These symbols can be a written list of attributes, or runes, or gemstones (such as garnet or rose quartz, clear quartz, etc)  You can either decide on these symbols prior to beginning your pillow, or, you may get an even stronger sense of these symbols while you work on the creation of the pillow.  *These pockets can be worked as shown on the graph (as a square) or as a heart as shown the pictures*

The art of crochet works perfectly in tandem with the art of magical creation.  Projecting the energy of your focused intent infuses your creation with the magic of your desires.  As you work the repetitive stitches of crochet (or any needlework) your brain shifts into an alpha state of function.  The energy waves generated during this mind state are synchronized with the energy of the earth.   This harmony carries the energies of manifestation to this plane of existence.

The crochet stitches that you will use for this pillow are a slip stitch (slp st)  single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc) chain (ch). Treble (Tc), Treble crochet cluster (Tc CL).  You will also be working from a graph that will indicate the change of color necessary to create the images in the crochet fabric.

To work a treble crochet cluster; Y.O twice,* insert hook into designated stitch, YO, pull back through, Work off 2 loops, YO, work off 2 loops*,  Do not complete last step, but YO twice and repeat from * to * then YO and work off remaining loops.  This completes the stitch.

The charts included with this pattern begin at the lower right.  The first row of single crochets is row 1.  This row and all subsequent odd numbered rows are worked from the right to the left and are considered to be the front or “right” side of the work.  The even numbered rows are worked from left to right and are considered to be the inside or “back” side of the work.  The marked squares indicate the changes of color from main color to the complimentary color.

To change color in crochet; work the stitch just prior to the color change to the last step (in this pattern, there will be 2 loops on the hook)  Yarn over in the new color and complete the stitch.   In this pattern you can complete the heart color changes by holding the unused color yarn to the back side of the piece and working your single crochets over this unused yarn until it is needed again.  Instead of carrying the unused color of yarn from heart to heart, you may want to drop the complimentary color after the completion of one heart.  You can make a separate ball of complimentary color yarn to create the next heart color changes.   Using the tapestry needle, weave in the ends (or tails) on the back side of the fabric.

We are the centers of our universe.  Our thoughts, beliefs and expectations create the people, the events and the situations in our lives.  Since we are at the core of all that we attract; begin your pillow with the first chart of “radiating out.”   (if it makes more sense to you to change the pattern charts, please feel free to do so.  This is your magic and your intent supersedes any instruction that I have written)

If you know that you have patterns of thought and behavior that have historically attracted those who are not in your best interest; you may want to resolve these patterns prior to beginning this work.  Or you may want to meditate in communication with your Higher Self to focus on the true, beautiful, authentic “you” who deserves to attract nothing less than the best.

Begin the chart with a chain of 46.  Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across for 45 single crochets.  As you work the radiating chart, visualize the wonderful you that you are radiating out.  The energy body that knows that you deserve to thrive in love with yourself and then to thrive in love with another person.  Focus on the attributes that are you or focus on the Higher Self flow of radiant energy.   At the end of row 45, cut and secure the yarn.

Maintaining the Higher Self radiant focus, begin the core pocket (or optional heart).  Chain 16.  Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in each chain across for 15 single crochets.  Complete the pocket as per the chart .  Using yarn and the tapestry needle, sewing the pocket to the center of the pillow side.  Insert your symbol of your “core.”

Before you begin the “attraction in” chart, please pay heed to the “high probabilities” that are associated with magical attraction.   One probability is that you will receive what you request.  Keep this in mind.  Allow your Higher Self to know and to draw toward you the energy for your greater good.  (not the gorgeous blonde with the six pack abs and great glutes  that you met last week)  A second probability is that – in order to receive – you must be willing to receive.  Pay close attention to any of those “self limiting” voices or feelings that may emerge while you work.  Please work with these feeling prior to attraction as their “energy of expectation” could be a magnetic pull.  A third probability is that any sustained energy for any thoughts will draw their thought creations toward you.  So if you focus on “what you don’t want;” you will draw exactly “what you don’t want.”

Begin the “attraction in” chart with a chain of 46.  Single crochet in the second chain from the hook and  single crochet in each chain across for a total of 45 single crochets.

Visualize the Higher Self energy magnetizing the energy attraction for your greater good.  The attributes that will nourish and nurture you.  Work the piece as per the chart.  At the end of row 45, cut and secure the yarn.

Complete the core attraction in pocket as per the chart while maintaining the focus of the Higher Self.  Sew the pocket to the center of the attraction fabric.  Insert the symbol of the attraction energy.

OR to work the heart;

Ch 2,

1)      Work a sc in the 2nd chain from the hook

2)      Ch 1, Work 3 sc in the sc, (3)

3)      Ch 1 Work a sc in each sc across (3)

4)      Ch 1, Work 2 sc in first sc, sc in 2nd sc, and 2 sc in last sc, (5)

5)      Repeat row 4  (7)

6)      Repeat row 4 (9)

7)      Ch 1, sc in each sc across (9)

8)      Ch 1, sc in each sc across (9)

9)      Do not work sc, Slp st in to first stitch, * Skip next stitch, Work 5 dc in the next stitch, Skip next stitch, slp st in next stitch*. Rpt from * to *.  Do not fasten off

Work edge; Ch 1 sc in same slp st on row 9, Evenly space 7 sc along side to tip of heart; Ch 1, sc in tip, Ch 1, Evenly space 7 sc along side to row 9; Work sc in each dc, Slp st in the base of the slp st. Work sc in remaining 5 dc, slp stitch to beg sc.

Cut and fasten off yarn

Attach Red (or other cc) to back loop of heart edge, Ch 1, sc, in same stitch as joining.  Ch 1, sc in the back loop of each stitch around.  Ch 1, join to beg sc.

Attach to pillow from row 9, along tip to row 9 on the other side.

Attach ribbon as desired.

Blend fiber fill maintaining your focused intent.

Hold the” radiating out” and the “attraction in” sides together with right sides facing out.

You will attach these side together by working sc in to the back loops of each stitch)  The back loops are the loops of the stitch that are the furthest away from the right side of the crocheted piece. In this instance the back loops are the loops that are sandwiched together.

Working in the back loops through both pieces; Join complimentary color with a slp st through the back loops  at any corner. Ch 1, work 2 sc in the corner. * Work a sc in the back loops of each stitch across to corner, work 3 sc in corner.*  rpt from * to  * twice.  Insert fiber fill as needed as you work up the last side. Work sc in each sc along side to beg corner, work sc in the beg corner, join to beg sc with slp st.  Do not cut for fasten off yarn.

In same space; Ch 4, tbc. Ch 1, Tc CL, in same corner space. * Ch 1, Tc CL in each stitch across to corner.  Ch 1, Tc CL, ch 1, Tc CL in corner. * Rpt from * to * twice.  Ch 1, work tbc cl in each stitch to beg corner, ch 1, join to begin cluster.  Cut and fasten off yarn.

Join CC “B” in to the unused loops of beginning edge sc, Work sc ch 1, in each unused loop around.  Join to beg sc with slp st.  Cut and fasten off yarn.

To complete the spell gather your pillow and a pen and paper to your bedside.  As you relax and meditate to your Higher Self, state these or similar words;

“Through slumber’s waves of starry night –

Together our souls call

Together our energies draw

To Love’s attraction of full moon’s light.”

Visualize the magnetic swirl of energy from your etheric body; the Higher Self energy of love’s attraction.  Focus on your feelings of welcomed and nourishing love.  Focus on these feelings and this love being yours in the here and now.  Allow yourself to drift off to sleep, affirming that your Higher Self will bring you the desires of your greater good.

Before arising in the morning, journal any dreams, perceptions or feelings that emerge with your initial awakening.  Thank the universe and affirm that love is attracted to you.

Know that you have expressed your intent to the all knowing and all loving universe.  The universe will answer your intent with the messages and the events that will lead you to a place of unconditional love and nourishment.

**Please note that, as with all spell work; the magic is within the practitioner; not within the spell itself.  Your results may vary**

(graph to follow on next page)

Cpr Karen Glasgow – Follett  2007 updated 2011.

*** Note – This graph has been quite stubborn with uploading.  If you are having trouble seeing the graph (which the entire pattern is based) please feel free to email me at  Place Love’s Enchantment (or some such) in the subject line and I will be happy to email you a PDF of the pattern.  THIS OFFER EXPIRES 12/31/12

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