Psychic and Client communication – Being on the same Page

Like most people, I have been psychically “aware” pretty much since day 1.  While all too many people get this awareness socialized into dormancy, for whatever reason, my awareness  refused to go dormant.  This refusal could be a part of my soul’s understanding that this attribute comprised one of my reasons for me being her at this time … or it could be just my contrary attitude of “just cuz you say to do it doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it.”  I do prefer to think that it’s the first reason, however, all delusions aside, I’m pretty sure that there is more weight on the second rationale.

 I have been a professional psychic medium (meaning getting paid for my services) since my college days.  I now earn a most of my income in the wonderful, and frequently misunderstood, profession.  Most of my income currently is derived from consultations with individual clients.  These consultations typically last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour (or so…) But I also do abbreviated readings (of about 15 to 20 minutes) in a local metaphysical shop and at psychic fair events in theMidwest.

 Like everything on the planet, there is a cycle of growth and a cycle of reduction.  In the span of my life and career, I have seen many of these cycles in relation to the psychic perception.  Our current cycle is one of definite growth in both psychic perception (having a psychic interpret the whats, whose, wheres and whens for you) and in psychic development (learning to develop your own sense of psychic whats, whose, wheres and whens).  

 If there is one “constant” in the psychic perception, it is the “constant” that there are no “constants.”  Each psychic perception and interpretation is as individual and as unique as each person perceiving and interpreting.  Professionally, the individualized nature of perception and interpretation is an extremely important point to consider as all information that we give and receive is filtered through that unique nature of belief and expectation.  . 

 Like, most professional psychics, I can recount many times when clients come to readings with a set of expectations and beliefs that are definitely not on the same page as my expectations and beliefs.  Here are two very profound instances that I have experienced in my career;

 Several years ago a woman came to me regarding the death of her son.  Her beliefs and expectations of a “Medium” centered around Hollywood’s depiction of how Mediums “do their thing.” 

As the reading progressed, I connected with her son.  The information flowed and was very precise and prolific.  The woman verified that the information was accurate and (what she couldn’t at that time know was accurate) made sense. 

Regardless of this, it was easy to see that the woman had the perception that she was not getting what she came for.  I asked what she was feeling and she said, “well, this is all well and good, but I don’t understand where you are getting the information.”

I told her that the information was being provided by her son.  Her response was, “well your voice didn’t change; your facial expressions and mannerisms weren’t his … you didn’t do any of the things that the Medium did in the movie ‘Ghost.’” 

And she’s right… I didn’t (and I don’t).  The character in the movie was an example of a physical medium.  The physical medium will often allow their physical energy to play host to the energy from the otherside.  I don’t do that.  I am a mental medium.  I tend to have mental (or inner) perceptions and conversations with those from the otherside that I translate for the client. (and I explained this to the client)

In this situation, and no matter the accuracy,  not being on the same page of beliefs and expectations invalidated the entire reading for this woman. (On a side note, she did return to me later in the year to tell me that the information that wasn’t verifiable at the time of the reading was later proven to be accurate.  BUT … as she left, she said, “I still don’t know where you got your information …” )

 On the heels of that initial reading, I did a  general reading with another woman who (to put it gently) had a very “glass half empty” view of her world.  And yes, she had a job where she worked very hard and was paid very little.  Her small, rodent infested, apartment was in a very high crime area of the city. She stated that she wanted change.

As the reading progressed, the information came through that was showing the energy of very good things to come.  She had the opportunity for a new job that would yield a significantly higher salary and a significant decrease in workload.  This increase in salary would allow her to move from her current residence into one where she was safe and happy. 

As the reading ended, she looked at me as if I had just shot her dog.  I asked her what was going on and she stated, “Well this wasn’t very good … you just told me that I was going to lose my job and get evicted from my home.” 

While there were absolutely NO words that were stated to indicate either one of those “I’ve lost” scenarios; it became very clear that what was said was filtered through her “glass half empty” worldview, and translated in to the very different message that she heard.  

 These two reading were the inspiration for my writing “Getting the most of your reading – making sure we are on the same page” guideline.  NOW I WILL STATE that this information pertains to my viewpoints and beliefs.  Since there is no “constant” in the world of psychic perception and interpretation, your mileage with this will probably vary. 

The purpose of this guideline was to open the avenues of communication. My clients know “what page I am reading.” They can then let me know “the page that they are reading.”  This allows us find a common page where both of us understand the same language and can follow the same story.

 The purpose of me including this guideline is;

1)      for any of my potential clients who want to know “what page I am on.”

2)      To maybe help any client, who is seeking any psychic, to look at and open their own form of “what page” of communication when deciding on a psychic  and …

3)      To helpfully cut down on any perceptions of getting / or giving “bad readings.” Since most “bad readings” are actually good readings that have been miscommunicated or misunderstood. 

 A special note that these guidelines were initially created for the abbreviated readings.  But a vast amount of the information can be translated in to the lengthier readings. 


Getting the most of your reading – making sure we are on the same page


These are short readings. The time will go quite quickly.  It may be helpful for you to have some questions or areas of interest in mind when coming to the reading. The “tell me all about my life in 20 minutes or less” approach is selling yourself short. I think that the events and paths of your life would extend way beyond the short readings.

 Many times we place very left brain labels and parameters on concepts that are very abstract and “individually flowing”.  It’s hard, but try to leave the labels behind and listen to what is being said without any predetermined labeling (I’ve had people assume that what we do is the same as what is seen on TV and in the movies; or that the information from one author is carved in stone for all perceptions and perceivers)

 Release any predetermined expectations over the information that constitutes a legitimate psychic experience.  Example; some people will decide that the person “coming through” needs to deliver a specific piece of information in order for the entire reading to be valid.  So while grandma may not mention “Lucky” the dog, she may be giving you other fabulous clarifying (clarifying as to who she is) information and other incredible life fulfillment information.  It is a shame that you miss THAT information because your entire focus was on “Lucky” the dog

 Relax and be open. I view these readings as “my Higher Self (angels, Guides etc) talking to your Higher Self” (angels, Guides, etc) This type of communication ensures I am not going to see anything that does not promote your greater good. I will not see anything that you are choosing to keep private (we are entitled to our privacy) I am not invading your “energy” at all – your space is protected.

 It’s ok to talk.  I will let you know when I need for you to be quiet so you don’t accidentally “lead me.”  Some people come to a reading with the idea that “I won’t tell her anything – I want to see if she can pick it up.”  Of course you are welcome to do that. But at times, that is about as time and cost effective as taking your car to a mechanic and not telling them what is going on. In my opinion, this is not a very bright move if you really want your car fixed.

 I don’t play “stump the psychic” or let’s “test” the psychic. These game playing tactics can lend a deceptive energy to the reading and can affect the quality of your reading.  Since you are spending your money, I trust that you won’t play those games either.

 Often times the perceptions come in as symbols.  These symbols may not make sense to me, so I will tell you what I perceive.  Trust your first heart felt flow of response in what these symbols mean to you.

 Your perception of reality is what is important.  Do not buy or sell the farm based on anything any psychic tells you.  We can tell you, “this might shift the energy flow” but we do not give advice.

 If information doesn’t make sense to you right now – honor what you know to be your reality. But keep the information close by.  What doesn’t make sense now may make sense 4 weeks from now.

 If information doesn’t make sense but you get a visceral response when you hear the message – again honor your perception of reality.  But that visceral feeling is telling you that (at least) part of that message needs to be examined.

 Future and time elements don’t mean “squat” Each thought that we have, each decision that we make, each action (or inaction) can change future and time.  The most that I can tell you is “here the energy source … here is how the energy is projecting forward … here are some possible outcomes based on this energy projection.”  Note that you can most always change that energy source and projection and therefore change any outcome.

You don’t want “pie in the sky” nonsense. I will tell you what I perceive.

 I can’t sell a cat to a dog person.  I can’t “prove” anything to anyone who chooses not to accept proof.  My job is to tell you what I psychically perceive. It is NOT my job to prove that psychic energy exists. 

 “NoBots.”  A “NoBot” is a person who will disagree with a statement that a psychic makes – and then will validate the content of the psychic’s statement by rewording what the psychic initially stated.  (Example; Psychic states, “The sun is shining.” –  The NoBot states, “No … But the sun is bright.”)  This typically denotes an outlook that is infused with “prove it to me” or “control” energy.

“YeahBots”  A “YeahBot” will degrade any idea or concept that is given to remedy a situation or change a flow of energy.  (Example; The Psychic States, “Taking a class may get you the promotion that you want” … or …. “here is a bag of gold.”  – The YeahBot replies, “Yeah …. But I can’t take a class … its just too <choose one or several > expensive, time consuming, far to drive, not at the right time, etc” … or … “that bag of gold is too heavy to carry.”)  A YeahBot typically is so used to a situation or a flow of energy (be it the energy of events or actions) that the idea of change is as alien (and as hard to accept)  as stepping on to the planet Mars.  In my readings, I point this out to the client if this is happening during a reading.

 Everything that we “sense” is filtered through our “belief system world view” filters.  Feel free to ask questions, to restate what you hear; as you want to make sure that what is being said is what is being heard and understood.

 Know that those who love you (and those you love) on this side continue to love you and be “around” you (in a supportive and loving way … not in a voyeur or stalker way)  from the “other side.”  I am NOT the boss when it comes to who communicates and when.  I am just their interpreter.  You may be looking for “Mom” but it may be Grandma who has the most powerful information for you at that time. 

 Even loved ones who you never knew on this side are supportive of you from the “other side” and may chime in with insight.

 While I do believe that when we “cross over,” we do gain a much clearer perception, I also believe that we maintain “who we are” to a certain degree.  So consider the source of the information.  IE If my grandmother came through, she would tell you that I’m the best psychic in the world.  Of course I’m not … but my grandmother would think that I am.

 I also believe in the idea that “we do the best job that we can with the tools that we have.  When we get better tools we do a better job.”  With that in mind, there may be loved ones who (ahem) struggled in this life, but may show much higher level of understanding and compassion and life skill from the other side.

 Above all, enjoy your psychic experience.  Just as we all have physical senses; we are also wired for (and have) psychic senses.  We may not label our perceptions as being psychic in nature, but many thoughts, inspirations and “ah – ha” moments have their roots in that perception of the more subtle psychic energies.

 Karen Glasgow – Follett

January 2012













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