Another opportunity to Refine … (mostly written cuz I have been ignoring this blog:D)

I believe that it is true that we come to earth with the complete access to every tid bit of knowledge that we need to successfully navigate and thrive in our earthly environment.

Many people believe that earth is our school.  We often take this to the literal, linear concept that everything we encounter is a “lesson to be learned.”  We sometimes feel that we master the lessons – have dealt with the issue – and therefore, “class is dismissed.”  We have passed that lesson. And, like algebra, we don’t ever have to visit that classroom again.

One of the aspects of my job is to tune in to the core of the person’s fueling energy.  This fueling source ignites the flow of magnetic energy that creates our reality.  Often embedded in this core energy is evidence that we could entertain the opportunity to gain further education on those issues that we believe we have mastered.

Even when the manifested reality is screaming “hey, here’s an learning opportunity to experience,” I all too often hear “Oh, there must be something else … I’ve learned all about that issue. I’ve passed that class with an “A’.”  And, to fess up, sometimes the voice that I hear is my own voice reminding me of the continual fluidity of knowledge and experience in my own life.

One of my continuing opportunities speaks to the ingrained concept of “if its not hard; its not worth doing. Its the hard that makes it worth while.”  I have done many hard things in my life.  I have completed many difficult tasks that required  sweat and effort and I have tackled many situations that have created struggle.   It is those situations when I remind myself that there is a huge difference between effort and struggle.

Effort is that flow of intended energy that moves your from point “A” to point “B.”  For instance, it takes effort for me to turn on the computer and to write and design.  But the effort is rewarded with the visceral sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There is a harmony of Creator and creation in the flow of effort.   The effort is allowing the intent of my energy to move with the current of my soul’s flow.

Struggle is swimming against the current.  It is often a result of the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” labels that our ego places on how we define our place (and our defined successes) on this earth.  Struggle rarely is rewarded with the visceral sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Struggle reminds us that our intellect and our ego is driving our intent.

So, when I notice that I am struggling, I have to recognize that;

1) I am NOT a salmon.  I do not have to swim upstream.  I can release the fight and I can flow.


2) While we may have taken the class and passed that segment, we are always going to be offered the opportunites to refine our skillset. We can doggedly deny that we need the refinement. We can  create struggle as we swim against the current. – OR – we can be open to the refinement opportunites.  We can embrace the refining that keeps us current (up to date) with our ever changing current (soul flow) We can release the need to be the perfect “A” student. When we release this need of perfection we embrace the wholeness of our journey here on earth. Because, as long as we are on this planet, class will always be in session.




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