Crochet Simple Spa Cloth Pattern




4ply ww cotton 1 ball / skein

Size “I” (5.5mm) crochet hook

Tapestry needle to weave in ends


Stitches / Terms Used

Chain – Ch

Single Crochet – Sc

Ch – 1 sp, – Chain 1 space

Slip stitch – Sl st


Ch 32

Row 1,  Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across. (31) Turn

Row 2,  Ch 1, Work a sc in each of the first 2 sc,  ch 1, skip next sc, *Work

                a sc in the next sc, ch 1, skip next sc* Repeat from * to * across

                to last 2 sc.  Work a sc in each of the last 2 sc.  Turn

Row 3,  Ch 1,  Work a sc in each of the first 2 sc, Work a sc in the first ch – 1 sp.

              *Ch 1, skip next sc, Work a sc in the next ch – 1, sp* Repeat from * to *

               across to last 2 sc.  Work a sc in each of the last 2 sc.  Turn

Row 4,  Ch 1, Work a sc in the first 2 sc, Ch 1, skip the next sc, *Work a sc in

               the next ch – 1 sp, Ch 1, skip next sc* Repeat from * to * across to

               last 2 sc.  Work a sc in each of the last 2 sc. Turn

Rows 5 through 30,  Repeat Rows 3 and 4.

Row 31, Ch 1, Work a sc in each sc across. 


Without turning, Ch 1, Work 2 sc in the last sc of row 31,

Evenly space 29 sc along the side of the cloth to the corner,

Work 3 sc in the next stitch (corner made)

Work a sc in each of the foundation chains (29) to the next corner

Work 3 sc in the next stitch (corner made)

Evenly space 29 sc along the side of the cloth to the top corner

Work 3 sc in the next stitch (corner made)

Work a sc in each of the sc across (29) to last sc.  Work a sc in the same stitch as beginning sc of the border.

Slip Stitch in the beginning sc of the border,  Cut & Secure yarn, weave in ends.

 witchtiny 128x160 Karen Glasgow Follett Designs Cpr 2007 Recopied 2016

Another opportunity to Refine … (mostly written cuz I have been ignoring this blog:D)

I believe that it is true that we come to earth with the complete access to every tid bit of knowledge that we need to successfully navigate and thrive in our earthly environment.

Many people believe that earth is our school.  We often take this to the literal, linear concept that everything we encounter is a “lesson to be learned.”  We sometimes feel that we master the lessons – have dealt with the issue – and therefore, “class is dismissed.”  We have passed that lesson. And, like algebra, we don’t ever have to visit that classroom again.

One of the aspects of my job is to tune in to the core of the person’s fueling energy.  This fueling source ignites the flow of magnetic energy that creates our reality.  Often embedded in this core energy is evidence that we could entertain the opportunity to gain further education on those issues that we believe we have mastered.

Even when the manifested reality is screaming “hey, here’s an learning opportunity to experience,” I all too often hear “Oh, there must be something else … I’ve learned all about that issue. I’ve passed that class with an “A’.”  And, to fess up, sometimes the voice that I hear is my own voice reminding me of the continual fluidity of knowledge and experience in my own life.

One of my continuing opportunities speaks to the ingrained concept of “if its not hard; its not worth doing. Its the hard that makes it worth while.”  I have done many hard things in my life.  I have completed many difficult tasks that required  sweat and effort and I have tackled many situations that have created struggle.   It is those situations when I remind myself that there is a huge difference between effort and struggle.

Effort is that flow of intended energy that moves your from point “A” to point “B.”  For instance, it takes effort for me to turn on the computer and to write and design.  But the effort is rewarded with the visceral sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There is a harmony of Creator and creation in the flow of effort.   The effort is allowing the intent of my energy to move with the current of my soul’s flow.

Struggle is swimming against the current.  It is often a result of the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” labels that our ego places on how we define our place (and our defined successes) on this earth.  Struggle rarely is rewarded with the visceral sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Struggle reminds us that our intellect and our ego is driving our intent.

So, when I notice that I am struggling, I have to recognize that;

1) I am NOT a salmon.  I do not have to swim upstream.  I can release the fight and I can flow.


2) While we may have taken the class and passed that segment, we are always going to be offered the opportunites to refine our skillset. We can doggedly deny that we need the refinement. We can  create struggle as we swim against the current. – OR – we can be open to the refinement opportunites.  We can embrace the refining that keeps us current (up to date) with our ever changing current (soul flow) We can release the need to be the perfect “A” student. When we release this need of perfection we embrace the wholeness of our journey here on earth. Because, as long as we are on this planet, class will always be in session.




Verbal Liberation

I am, and always have been, a verbally expressive person.  Some would even view this expressiveness as being bossy, a but-in-ski, and even bitchy.  It doesn’t really matter what label you put on it, I can typically be counted on to lay it verbally “on the line.”

Over the years I have learned what battles to fight, what situations warrant an opinion, and what situations make me feel that I really don’t want to exert the verbal energy.  I try to only express when my opinion is asked for and when the situation directly (or indirectly) impacts me. (note that the last part is loaded with huge load of potentiality) 

There have been some recent events where I have been very verbally expressive.  My opinions were not asked for; but the situation did impact me directly.  I do know that the opinions that I offered were met with as much appreciation as one would experience if one found a turd in one’s coffee.

In fact, after expressing my latest opinion, I heard that all too familiar “mom” voice stating “when are you going to learn to keep your mouth shut.”  That made me think for a minute.

I thought … hmmm …  I’m 52ish years old … I haven’t YET learned to keep my mouth shut … I rarely desire to keep my mouth shut …  and in all probability I would probably explode if I tried to keep my mouth shut.  So I’m thinking that the mouth shutting thing will never be among my skill set. I will never “learn” to keep my mouth shut. 

I find that realization to be wonderfully liberating.  I love getting older!

A Proud Practitioner of Witchcraft

I am a proud practitioner of Witchcraft.  I have been studying an practicing Witchcraft since 1972.  I am NOT just coming out of the closet with this.  Those who know me know who I am and what I believe.  Those who don’t know me … well, historically it has just been none of their business … unless they care to ask.

Ya see, I wear my spirituality on the inside and I hope that my love of the Gods radiates from this inner belief in to my outer actions. 

 Occasionally I will wear an ornament that shows my belief, but, at no time, do I feel that I need the “I’m a big old witch” tee-shirt.  I’m “old school” in a few respects;

First I was taught and do believe that those of us who practice the art are the “children of the shadows.”  To me, this doesn’t speak to the hiding or the protective nature of shadows (even though we still need to exercise care).  To me this speaks more to the idea that we are driven by our inner core of belief and not by extrinsic accolades and “look at me,” “loud mouth” recognition.

The second oldie relates to the concept that states “If you have to advertise that you are ____ (fill in the blank) then in all probability, you probably really aren’t _____ (fill in the blank)  A perfect example of that concept occurred a few years ago when we had a new neighbor move in.  I introduced myself.  She extended her hand, stated her name and immediatedly followed with the declaration that “we’re good Christians.”  Weeeeellllll …. after a few years of being a neighbor, I can truly say – with all confidence- that if her family’s actions are the merit of a “good Christian,” then I am sooooo thankful that I march under a different banner.

I do hope that this writing is not viewed as the “I’m a big old witch” tee shirt, as that is not the intent of this writing.  A few weeks ago, a very well intentioned person (who didn’t know me well) let me know several times, in their opinion, that I need to embrace that I was a Witch.  That “while all of the psychic stuff that I do is really fun and neat … I am a Witch and I need to show that … ”  And obviously her statements did strike some cords.  Here are two cords where I’ve currently noticed the strike and have provided the fuel for this writing;

I do not call myself a Witch, I tell people that I am a practitioner of Witchcraft.  I place the title of “Witch” with a monumental degree of honor and reverance. For a Witch the wise woman.  She is the vessel of ancient wisdom and knowledge.  She is the healer.  She reconnects us our infinite Gods Source.  She is pure love and pure guidance.  She is the light and the shadow.  She is Goddess incarnate. She is what I aspire to be.  She is Witch. 

The secord cord is the recognition that  the life that I enjoy as a practitioner comes from, and is due to,  the  courage and the sacrifices of the practitioners who have gone before me.  The brave women and men who lost friends, family, reputation and even their lives because of the ignornance that begets bigotry. Regardless of the consequences they had the courage to live the outward expression of their inner Spirits

.  There is no honor that I can give them that measures to what they have given me.  But what I can do is to publically state that “I am here” and I am honored to pass the light of the Craft to those who have the courage to come with us. 


Science and Nature (my view)

Even as a psychic medium, I am very science oriented.  I love to follow a trail of a+b yields to c and then c travels to d … and so on and on.  This trail following allows my left brain to go “ah ha” while my right brain does it’s psychic and creative thing.

When I get too bogged down in the “prove it to me” world of science, I try to remember that science (regardless of its achievements) is limited.  And exclusively basing our beliefs in the expectation of scientific validation is limiting.  Nature is limitless and is not bound by intellectual awareness, belief or perceptions.  Science discovers.  Nature creates.  

Science is the the follower of nature … and often a distant follower of nature.   Scientific discovery is the recognition of the “facts” that Mother Nature has known as her “truths” since the perceived beginning of time.

When the Scientist makes a discovery and shouts “Eureeka!,” Mother Nature smiles and murmurs “well, duh.” 

Isn’t it wonderful to think  that “no matter what we think that we might know and can proove – we can trust that nature will always unveil new realms of mystery and enchantment that we can choose to discover at our desire.”

Hello World!

I am an over 50 , married female, who is reluctantly entering the world of blogging.  It’s not that I have anything against blogging … In fact I love reading other people’s blogs … but I just can’t imagine people reading anything that I may write here.  (this stems from that “need to be humble” poo that was shoved in to the brains of many of us baby boomers)   But here I am.  At last succombing  to the “all of the cool senior citizens are doing it.” peer pressure.  And since I am a bit of an attention hog, I’m sure that I’ll get over the “humble” bit. (grin)

Some people call it Attention Deficit DisAbility.  I call it Attention Diversity Ability.  Over the years, I have had many, many interests and pursuits.  At the core of “what nourishes me” is the inner muse of creation. (hence the blog title line)  This creative Muse is the energy that moves me from being a lump on the sofa to being a co creator in the magical flow of life.  Considering that no matter what I do, that creative Muse is that source energy, I’m thinking that my blog will primarily revolve around her creative thoughts, ideas and expressions.

For many years my expression of my Muse has been through needlework.  I have designed and created needlework for well over 30 years.  As I learn more about this blogging thing, I will be posting designs that you can feel free to have for your personal use.  I know that you will respect all of the cpr laws as my inner Muse is also a bit of an inner b*tch when it comes to people taking advantage of gifts that are given to them.

I am also a writer (even though it may not be evident here) I have had articles published by Llewellyn, Circle Sanctuary and some other magazines over the years.  Which brings me to my other fueling source; I am a practitioner of Witchcraft. 

I was introduced in to the magical arts in the early 1970s. I feel that my beliefs in, and practice of, Witchcraft blend beautifully with my creative endeavors. I believe that all that we create is our outward expression of our Divine Source (aka the inner Muse). I believe that the creations made through this expression carry the vibration that can magically enrich the lives of both the person who creates and the person who receives what has been created.

The flow of life is magically creative. My intent with this is to add another ripple of enchantment in to that magical flow.