Hello World!

I am an over 50 , married female, who is reluctantly entering the world of blogging.  It’s not that I have anything against blogging … In fact I love reading other people’s blogs … but I just can’t imagine people reading anything that I may write here.  (this stems from that “need to be humble” poo that was shoved in to the brains of many of us baby boomers)   But here I am.  At last succombing  to the “all of the cool senior citizens are doing it.” peer pressure.  And since I am a bit of an attention hog, I’m sure that I’ll get over the “humble” bit. (grin)

Some people call it Attention Deficit DisAbility.  I call it Attention Diversity Ability.  Over the years, I have had many, many interests and pursuits.  At the core of “what nourishes me” is the inner muse of creation. (hence the blog title line)  This creative Muse is the energy that moves me from being a lump on the sofa to being a co creator in the magical flow of life.  Considering that no matter what I do, that creative Muse is that source energy, I’m thinking that my blog will primarily revolve around her creative thoughts, ideas and expressions.

For many years my expression of my Muse has been through needlework.  I have designed and created needlework for well over 30 years.  As I learn more about this blogging thing, I will be posting designs that you can feel free to have for your personal use.  I know that you will respect all of the cpr laws as my inner Muse is also a bit of an inner b*tch when it comes to people taking advantage of gifts that are given to them.

I am also a writer (even though it may not be evident here) I have had articles published by Llewellyn, Circle Sanctuary and some other magazines over the years.  Which brings me to my other fueling source; I am a practitioner of Witchcraft. 

I was introduced in to the magical arts in the early 1970s. I feel that my beliefs in, and practice of, Witchcraft blend beautifully with my creative endeavors. I believe that all that we create is our outward expression of our Divine Source (aka the inner Muse). I believe that the creations made through this expression carry the vibration that can magically enrich the lives of both the person who creates and the person who receives what has been created.

The flow of life is magically creative. My intent with this is to add another ripple of enchantment in to that magical flow.

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