Perceived Geographic Energetic Density and Psychic Perception

Geographic Energetic Density and Psychic Perception

Once a week I provide psychic – medium sessions at a local Metaphysical shop.  These readings are provided on a “for donation” basis. This arrangement allows people to have access to the insight and the guidance that a reading can offer, regardless of their ability to pay.

During a recent event, I was approached by a woman who clearly had an ability to pay.  She sat down in front of me and told me that she was a recent transplant from California.  For the next several minutes, this woman informed me of just “how psychic readings were done in California.”  There was not one sentence that did not begin with “In California we …”   She then ended this eternal (and infernal) sermon by tossing an entire five – dollar bill on the table and stating, “I do understand that YOUR ability might be significantly less than what I am used to in California – since Missouri is an energetically dense area – but let’s see what you can do.”

I could spend the next several pages detailing the succession of responses that came to my mind. But such writings would only prove to be repetitive and, for those of you who know me, rather predictable.  Suffice it to say, that most of my inclinations ended with her needing to have her five – dollar bill surgically removed from various parts of her anatomy.  While I was trying desperately to find polite and non ego enhanced suggestions of how she could better use her money; evil Karen began to emerge.

Along with the emergence of Evil Karen came the psychic emergence of several family members belonging to this woman.  Her grandmother came through first and imparted her name, her date and cause of death.  Grandma was followed by the appearance of this woman’s mother, who has just passed within the last month.  The mother spoke her name and some incidents that occurred (involving this woman) just prior to her passing and since her passing.  Finally, this woman’s sister came through.  The sister told me that she had died twelve years ago from a heroine overdose; the woman validated this information.  All three of these lovely energies imparted immense guidance for this woman regarding the many decisions that she was going to be facing.  All in all, it was one of “those” readings that every Medium dreams about.

Now, this woman’s mouth is agape and she is giving me the “Bambi stuck in the headlights” stare.  I give her my kindest smile and gently take her hand. Then, looking her straight in the eyes, I state, “And that’s how WE do it in Missouri.”

The Moral of this story (which I also politely conveyed to this woman) is;

Regardless of where we are; our loved ones, guides and angels are just “an alignment away.”  Whether we are perched in the amped up energy of Sedona, or in the middle of rush hour on a busy highway, our Source connection is internal, innate and always available.  We have the ability to align our vibration to any Source that we choose – We have the ability to bring in the guidance from any Source that we choose – And our physical location will only affect us IF we choose.

KGF 4/2/21013

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